やぐらちゃん Yagura-chan
Yagura-chan 2
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Female
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku,

Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Fever

Yagura is a little girl who appears in The★Bon Odori, as well as the Concert Hall as the drummer of Drum Girls Live, in Rhythm Tengoku.

She made cameo appearances in the OK and Superb rating screens of Remix 7 in Rhythm Heaven, and in the Board Meeting sections of Remix 9 of Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Physical Appearance

In The★Bon Odori, she wears a red & white jacket with a blue & purple kimono under it. She has blue beads in her hair, carries a red megaphone, & has violet slippers.

In Bon Dance, she wears a pink dress with a white collar. Her shoes are also pink. She has blue hearts in her hair & carries a grey microphone.

As a member of the Drum Girls, she wears the same hair beads from The★Bon Odori & a red tank top.



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