まほうつかい Mahou Tsukai
The Magician
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku

The Wizard, or Magic User, is a magician who appears in the minigame Mahou Tsukai in Rhythm Tengoku.

Physical Appearance

The Wizard wears a blue robe and a blue pointy hat. He has orange hair and big ears. His face consists of large black eyes, a long smile, and a pointy nose. His body is completely round and he is seen floating above the ground at all times.


The Wizard grows flowers for a sad, lonely girl (his daughter) to cheer her up. The magic he uses plants and grows flowers with water. He is reported to have come to town to see his daughter and train his magical skills. The wizard seems to only be an apprentice and still accidentally summons plant-eating monsters sometimes.


The Wizard tests the player's memorization skills in the 3/4-style Mahou Tsukai, which is a Simon-Says style game. The player has to wait for just the right moment to press A.



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