The Two-Player Games are edited versions of Rhythm Games which add a second player to the game.

Rhythm Tengoku (Arcade)

In this game, the Two-Player games are all unlocked from the start. They can be chosen from the opening menu, but the player needs to insert two coins in order to play in this mode. These games don't differ much from their single player counterparts. Some games add the second player via split screen, others have the two players take turns, and other games let the second player take control of another on-screen character.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Two-Player Games are unlocked after clearing Fork Lifter in Rhythm Heaven Fever. The games themselves have slight visual differences compared to the original game, in addition to adding a second player. In some games, there are sections where only one of the two players is actually playing. At the end, the ranking is the average of the two player's rankings, as well as adding bonus points for player compatibility. Getting a Superb will award a Duo Medal, which can be used to unlock Two-Player Endless Games.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Although there aren't any Two-Player Games in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, there is the Challenge Train, which can be played with up to 4 players.

Lists of Two-Player Games

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