Tutorial Games are the intro games in Rhythm Tengoku, Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever, and Rhythm Heaven Megamix. These games are to show the player how to play the game.

Rhythm Tengoku: Rhythm Test

When the player first starts the game, they are greeted by Samurai Drummer. He then takes you to a room with a machine that has a button on top. You then have three tests. Tap to the beat, tap after a countdown at 0, and tap to the beat again but with a rhythm. The machine will print a
Rhythm Test Tengoku
paper showing how well you did on keeping the beat. After doing the test, you are given a score, talked to again, and taken to the mode selection screen. This test would re-appear in Rhythm Heaven Fever but without the last step. Unlike others, instead of going to the Café, you can take the test again by selecting the "Rhythm Test" option below the games option in the menu.


  • Rhythmtestgba Rhythm Test

Rhythm Heaven: Practice Flicking

Rather than a rhythm test, the game gives a tutorial on how to flick. After clearing it, the rhythm game menu will open, with Built to Scale as the

Flick Practice

only option.

When the game starts, the player is greeted by the frog singer from Frog Hop. The frog will explain to the player about how to flick, then presents you with a target: a large frog figure. The player is required to flick a coin at the frog to hit it (tapping does nothing, and light flicking barely slides the coin). Hitting the frog enough times depletes a heart bar, reading "I give!" when fully depleted.

The next test is to hit a moving target: a car. Cars of varying speed move past the coin, and the player needs to flick at the right time to hit the car. Once a car bar is depleted, the frog gives parting words and ends the game.

The game can be played later at the Café, by selecting the "Practice Flicking" option.


  • Test DS icon Rhythm Test

Rhythm Heaven Fever: Rhythm Test

The rhythm test in this game is played at the start of the game. Clearing it unlocks the base rhythm game menu, though only the first rhythm game, Hole in One, will be available.

When the game starts, you meet Marshall, Miss Ribbon, and Cam standing in front of a curtain. The characters will explain to you about the game, then present the first rhythm test. The first test requires you to press the "A" button to a steady beat the game provides on a screen. 

Fever Tutorial

Doing it successfully makes Cam's eyes flash. After a while of tapping, the game will provide a visual representation of your accuracy with blocks falling. If a block lands above or below the line, the tapping was too early or late, respectively. Blocks on the line mean the rhythm was spot on.

After the first chart is done, the next test begins. A countdown from seven will pop up on a screen, going at a steady beat. The player needs to tap "A" just as the countdown reaches zero, with Cam's eyes flashing if correctly done. When the chart appears, the game will pull two tricks on the player; at some points, the screen will stop beating, requiring the player to count of their own, and halfway through the test, the characters will block the chart with signs, preventing the player from using the screen to help.

After the test, the curtains are closed, and Marshall wishes the player good luck. They also teach you another command, pressing "A" and "B" together. This does not get a test, just having you do it once. After that, the test ends.

The test can be taken again at the Café, by selecting the "Rhythm Test" option.

Remix 10 Timing notes

  • Hit: If the button is pressed exactly or one square early or late, Cam will smile and his eyes will glow.
  • Barely: If the button is pressed two or three squares early or late, Cam's face will not change expression. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: If the button is pressed four or more squares early or late or not hit at all, Cam will show a disapproval face.


Rhythm Heaven Megamix: Intro

Rhythm Test Final

The intro is played at the start of the game. Clearing it unlocks Honeybee Land, though only the first rhythm game, Karate Man, will be available.

In the begining you are greeted by a narrator, possibly Barista, who explains flow to you and sends you to the drumming practice. First, you practice drumming by yourself, represented by a Mii. You need to press "A" a few times to hit the drum. Afterwards, you practice hitting the drum at the same time as two other drummers. After that, you practice syncing with newly added background music. The practice ends by teaching you about the Skill Stars, and it lets you attempt to successfully get one. Regardless of whether you get it or not, the game lets you continue.

The practice can be retaken at the Café.