"Pull back. Let go.
What could be simpler?
— Toy Car Description

Toy Car
The Toy Car is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Heaven Fever.  It's unlocked after obtaining one medal.


Upon entering the toy, you'll notice a yellow car, a purple background, and a floating hand with its index finger extended. This rhythm toy has a very simple design. When you hold A, the car will be dragged back by the hand's finger.


When you release A, the car will begin driving through a desert terrain. An outline of a car will show where you're supposed to stop.


In order to 'beat' the game, you must release the toy car at just the right time. When you begin holding A, the car will be pulled back and a beat will begin playing. You must release A just as cowbell sound plays in order to get an "Exactly" rating.


Hold A - Pull back car

Release A - Release car



  • The Driver looks like one of the Members of The Clappy Trio
  • The toy is very similar in concept to Charging Chicken. It is possible that this rhythm toy was the inspiration for the game.

 in Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese
FR French Voiture à friction
ES Spanish
D German Rhythmus-Route
IT Italian Macchina
Flag of South Korea Korean 장난감 차 Toy Car

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