Toss Boys
トスボーイズ Tosu Boizu
Toss boys 1
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender 2 males;

1 female

Appearances Rhythm Tengoku

The Toss Boys are a trio made up of two boys, Ao-kun and Kii-yan, and one girl, Aka-chan. In the mini-game Toss Boys from Rhythm Tengoku, they toss a beach ball back and forth while calling each others' names.

Each of their names reflects the color of their hair and clothing. Ao means blue, Kii (short for Kiiroi) means yellow, and Aka means red. The symbols on their clothing represent the buttons you press to control them- Ao-kun, Kii-yan, and Aka-chan are controlled with the B, D-Pad, and A buttons, respectively.

The trio are described as close friends, as stated in the description of their game. They also are very passionate/determined about being good at tossing, saying "we're good, but we can get better!"



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