"Tonight" (Japanese: 「I Feel Fine!!」) is the song used in Remix 3 in Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is written by Tsunku. The Japanese version was performed by Mana Ogawa.


Shiverin' cold on a big city night
Well, that's just how you found me way back then
And in a startled blink of an eye
I knew my life was forever changed

Walkin' on a highwire
And if that's how life's gonna be
Then I should have all the fun that I can
Yeah that's a lot more like me

Tonight's the night right here right now I swear
I'll walk into the future without a care, yea-ah
Tonight when all my tears have come and gone
I'll say good bye to yesterday's sad songs, yea-ah

And there may come a time, when I will hesitate
But waiting's part of life now

Tonight's the night please hear me out to the end
Could you please be the one, my carefree friend, yea-ah
Tonight I need my dreams to all come true
Please tell me if that sounds like a plan to you, yea-ah

I know that it may sound, too simple to be true
But hey well that's life too
But hey well that's life too

でっかい都会で震える 私を見つけてくれた
びっくりしたあの時から 私が変わったわ
綱渡りな 人生ならば
楽しく生きた方が 私らしいね

Tonight ほらここで 誓うだけさ
未来へ向かって 歩き出そう YEAH
Tonight この涙 乾く頃に
暗い思い出と さよならさ YEAH

迷うことも あるだろうが

Tonight この声が聞こえるのかい
愉快な友で居てくれるかい YEAH
Tonight その夢は叶いそうかい
具体的な計画かい YEAH

簡単では つまらないよ

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