"Let's we go, amigo!"
— Tibby - Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Tibby (Japanese: テビリ Tebiri) is the main character of Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Tibby is a pink and white bear. He has a large afro and a black bowtie. Tibby has a round head, long arms, and short legs. He is rather small in his appearance.


"That wasn't a joke. Please don't laugh at me."
— Tibby - Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Tibby is an adventurous, curious young child. He seeks romance with Betty and loves his mother very much. He considers himself to be a crybaby, crying several times throughout the story of Rhythm Heaven Megamix


"Heaven World. H-E-V-V-E-N. Heaven World"
— Tibby - Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Tibby falls out of the sky and seeks the help of the player to get him back to his home, Heaven World. Here, he is considered the prince and a guardian like his mother and Colin. When he reaches adulthood, he will become a palace and watch over Heaven World, taking the place of his mom.


  • Tibby makes a cameo in WarioWare Gold as a plush toy during Mona's introduction in the Mash League.
  • The name of a 3DS HOME menu theme refers to him as "Tebiri" even outside Japan.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese テビリ Tebiri
FR.svg French Tibby
DU.svg German Fipsi
IT.svg Italian Tibby
ES.svg Spanish Tibby
KR.svg Korean 테비리 Tebiri
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