Whats That
Rhythm Tengoku, like Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Heaven Fever, has several letters obtained after achieving perfects on Rhythm Games. The original letters are in Japanese, however, these English translations come from the fan translation called Rhythm Heaven Silver. Not all information may be 100% correct.

Two letters are unlocked before getting perfects: Rhythm Heaven Welcome, and Handling Instructions.

Rhythm Heaven Welcome


Thanks for purchasing "Rhythm Tengoku." Huh?  You borrowed it from a friend? Or bought it u-used?

Well, putting that aside, we're honored that you're interested in this game. We are glad we met you!

We hope you enjoy it for a long, long time!!

Thank you.

(The letter also contains a translator's note from the people who translated the game to English.)

Handling Instructions

How to Play this Game

It's not such a complicated game that it needs explanation. So there's actually not much to write here.

Well, there is one thing. The whole point is to get into the music, so you should play with that goal in mind. You'll enjoy it much more if your whole body feels the beat. That's our advice.

That's about it. Pleasure to meet you!

More Than a Barista

Obtained by getting a perfect in Remix 4.

Hi there. I run the local cafe. You can say I'm a "manager". Thanks to the regulars, the business is about tolerable. Ah, right, I get ahead of myself. I'm a dog.


But being a dog doesn't mean I can't own a cafe. In fact, people say that my doggedness is what keeps this little shop open. I also hear that many of my customers really like music.

Especially when it comes to rhythm: a lot of them are really into it. There is even one who has completed a bunch of Perfect Campaigns. I am always so surprised when they come in with yet another medal! Anway...

Although I am always running the cafe, to tell you the truth, it's only a front for my real passion. Truthfully, I...

Well, it's a bit embarrassing, but I'm always merrily listening to music with my dog headphones! Basically, I can't brew coffee without grooving to the music. I'm in a fix. Heh.

I hang out at all sorts of places around town, so if you see me, please pet me!

Letter to the Editor

Obtained by getting a perfect in Rhythm Tweezers.

I'm retired, but I grow vegetables to pass the time. Lately, my vegetables have been growing facial hair! Obviously, customers don't want to buy gross, hairy vegetables. Since the vegetables won't sell if they're covered in hair, I've been plucking the hairs -- But I couldn't always pluck them perfectly.

This was quite a dilemma.

While trying to liven up the mood, I decided to pluck the hairs while listening to music. Then I was able to pluck them cleanly every time, and it's somehow more enjoyable now! The power of music really is incredible. I think everyone should try plucking the hairs from vegetables!

-Uncle Sabiir

Night Walk Riddle

Obtained by getting a perfect in Night Walk 2.

You know that little guy in Night Walk? It turns out he really loves music.

Actually, it seems he's appeared in other music-related games before, and it's

because of that connection that he appears in Rhythm Tengoku.

Recently, I had a chance encounter with him on the street, but when I tried to

talk him, he just said ''I love music!'' and disappeared up some stairs. He's such a

musical buff! I hope I meet him again. But... I don't even know his real name!

So, here we have the Night Walk quiz!

The music loving fellow is named...

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

All you have to do is fill in the letters! To figure it out, try filling in the blanks on the next page!

The Secret of the ''Quiz'' game.

You know how the (1)layer in Quiz has to push the button the right number of times to wi(7)? Wel(2), instead of stopping on the right answer tr(5) pushing the buttons as m(3)ny times (6)s possible for a cool surprise! Well, at least I think it's prett(4) cool.

Inside Spaceball

Obtained by getting a perfect in Spaceball.

Ryan Williams: From Radio Heaven News in Deep Space, I'm Ryan Williams.

I'm here live in the void of space for an exclusive interview! To my right is Mr. Spaceballer. How are you today?

Space Slugger: I'm well. I think I really gave it my all in the last game.

Ryan Williams: Good to hear. How's the season looking right now?

Space Slugger: I'm eating rice balls, so it's right on the mark!

Ryan Williams: And what is your goal in all this?

Space Slugger: To not forget the rice balls!

Ryan Williams: Makes sense to me. Do you have a girlfriend?

Space Slugger: Yes, I do.

Ryan Williams: What else does your girlfriend do for you?

Space Slugger: Her cooking specialty is rice balls!

Ryan Williams: I'm watching you in the middle of the game. You're getting homerun after homerun. Then suddenly, after watching a ball sail into outer space, I look back, and you're not there. Why the masks?

Space Slugger: What are you talking about?

Ryan Williams: Why do you put on, for example, a rabbit costume?

Space Slugger: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ryan Williams: Answer the question!

Space Slugger: Ah, time is up. Excuse me.

Ryan Williams: That's it, folks! Mr. Spaceballer left his seat. There seems to be some kind of special circumstance that we cannot be privy to. That's all the information we're getting out of him. Ryan Williams, Radio Heaven News, Deep Space.

Horse Machine's Story

Obtained by getting a perfect in Spaceball 2.

The Secret Story Behind the Development of the Horse Machine.

Today we have a special interview with ''Mr.F'', the developer of the ''Horse Machine''. (The Horse Machine can be played in the ''Toys'' menu if you have seven medals.)

Mr.F: ''I started developing (the Horse Machine) in order to share the good feeling of riding a horse.''

Though his words may be simple, Mr.F speaks with passion in his voice.

Mr.F : ''But when I tried to fulfill all the conditions of a game, I often lost sight of the answer and there were times when I thought of giving up.''

Mr.F has experienced hard times. It is often difficult to express yourself properly within the framework you are given.

Mr.F: ''But if the people who play (The Horse Machine) become even the slightest bit happier, all those hardships will fly away!''

You are so dedicated to your craft, Mr.F. We will anxiously await your next creation. Thank you.

Marcher's Diary

Obtained by getting a perfect in Tram & Pauline.

April 16 - Today I enlisted in the Marcher Corps! I'm gonna do my best for my new comrades!

April 20 - Today the commander got angry at me for not being able to march in step with the others.

April 28 - Today I swept the front of the station. An old woman said to me ''Thank you for your hard work.'' and gave me me piece of candy. I'm so happy!

May 4 - I've been feeling listless lately. Maybe this is what they call the summer doldrums. If I don't shape up, I might get left behind...

May 8 - The commander has been acting weird... He just told me he played with rabbits in space yesterday. I wonder if he's OK...?

May 16 - Today, I saw a group of people that looked just like my commander. This can't be just my imagination!

May 22 - I saw it! The commander...

The diary ends here.

What could have happened to the commander!?

Rap Report

Obtained by getting a perfect in Rap Men.

Hello! This is DJ MAN-K!!

We have another fantastic guest today, the Rap Men (RM). Pleasure to meet you!

Rap Men: Aw, yeah, pleasure to meet you, we ARE the Rap Men.

DJ MAN-K: Your new single is great!

Rap Men: Ain't it? You know what I mean?

DJ MAN-K: Uh, uh, the BEST!

Rap Men: Unfortunately, we have a problem.

DJ MAN-K: Woah! What kind of problem?

Rap Men: A rip-off duo has appeared, and they call themselves the Rap Women.

DJ MAN-K: That's crazy, Isn't it!?

Rap Men: Uh! Not only that, they secretly ate the snacks in our dressing room.

DJ MAN-K: No way! That must've been a shock!

Rap Men: And then they left a note.

DJ MAN-K: What did it say?

Rap Men: It said ''Secret snacking is the BEST!''

DJ MAN-K: Wow, that's just harsh...

Rap Men: Ain't it? I was so mad that I yelled out...

DJ MAN-K: Lack of snacks makes me DEPRESSED!''

Rap Men: Uh!? How did you know?

DJ MAN-K: 'Cuz i've been playing Rhythm Tengoku! And now for a commercial break!

From our sponsors...

Raise your mood with a little music...

Rhythm Tengoku! Buy it!

Lyrics: The Bon Odori

Obtained by getting a perfect in Remix 2.

The Bon Odori

Vocals : Ami Tokito

Lyrics and Composition : Tsunku

Original lyrics, in latin script :

Ha~ Hanabi agareba~

Ha Ah~ Kansei agaru~

Ha~ Ninki agareba~

Ha Ah~ Kyuuryou agaru~

Matsuri da wasshoi!

Nippon juu ga wasshoi!

Sore hikkuri kaette

dondo pa--n pan

Ha~ Bon-Odori

Ha~ Ame ga agareba~

Ha Ah~ Yagura ni agaru~

Hora! Matsuri da wasshoi!

Korezo Meido in Japan!

Sore hikkuri kaette

dondo pa--n pan

Ha~ Bon-Odori

Original lyrics, literal translation :

Ha~ When the fireworks go up~

Ha Ah~ The cheers go up~

Ha~ If popularity goes up~

Ha Ah~ The salary goes up~

It's a festival, wasshoi!

All Japan says wasshoi!

Yeah, twirl around and

dondo pa--n pan

Ha~ Bon-Odori

Ha~ When the rain stops

Ha Ah~ We go up to the turret/scaffold

Hey!/Look here! It's a festival, wasshoi!

This is it, Made in Japan!

Yeah, twirl around and

dondo pa--n pan

Ha~ Bon-Odori

Localized lyrics :

Ha~ When rockets start to fly~

Ha Ah~ Cheers will fill the sky~

Ha~ When the spirits are high~

Ha Ah~ The more people will buy~

It's a festival, hooray!

All Japan says hooray!

Now we turn around and

dondo pa--n pan

Haa~ Bon-Odori

Ha~ When the rain is dry~

Ha Ah~ Climb up the turret and spy~

Oh! It's a festival, hooray!

This is it! It's made in Japan!

Now we turn around and

dondo pa--n pan

Haa~ Bon-Odori

Lyrics: Sweet Angel

Obtained by getting a perfect in Polyrhythm.

Vocals : Ami Tokito

Lyrics and Composition : Tsunku

Arrangement : Suzuki ''Daichi'' Hideyoki

Charm of love, wonder of love.

Shape of love, nuance of love.

Honey sweet angel.

What is the meaning of love in reverse!

I do not understand it all.

Moreover, in other words to reverse

it means love.

Very sweet-sour strawberry milk.

We look like it.


Charm of love, wonder of love.

Shape of love, Nuance of love.

Honey sweet angel.

Lyrics: WISH

Obtained by getting a perfect in Rap Women.

WISH : I can't wait for you

Vocals : Tanaka Soushi

Lyrics and Composition : Tsunku

Arrangement : Yuasa Kouichi

I can't wait for you so tonight is my goodbye.

I wanted for us to love each other more.

This lonely night makes me remember.

Many of our happy moments.

The meeting in this city and

the burning passion we had.

Without any doubts we held each other tight.

It's the caprice of life, isn't it.

This wish for us to meet again.

Before i could notice.

You were giving me a cold kiss.

My dreams are becoming hazy.

You are becoming hazy.

It's burning, burning.

The pain in my chest.

I can't really take it.

I can't wait for you so tonight is my goodbye.

I wanted for us to love each other more.

This lonely night makes me remember.

Many of our happy moments.

I can't wait for you so tonight is my goodbye.

I hoped we could be together

Our favorite station makes me remember.

Lonely, our happy moments.

The Final Letter

Obtained by getting a perfect in Remix 8.

A strange letter has arrived from the Rhythm League.

''Congratulations!! Remix 8 was almost impossible, but you beat it! ...that would be the extravagant way to congratulate you, but we're going to show restraint. At any rate, you've earned a lot of medals and gotten a really high flow score, haven't you? This is an incontestable fact that we recognize. You are the greatest! No, you're the super greatest!...that is how we feel, but we're not going to spoil you with too much praise. The rhythm that your body felt in this game is only a tiny fraction of all of Rhythm Heaven. If this game has made you take an interest in rhythm, you should seize this opportunity to explore your rhythmic limits! Developing your sense of rhythm is awesome, man!! You totally need to go for it!! what we'd say if we wanted to pressure you, but we're not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do.

However, we are serious.

We really want you to grow and master your rhythm!

We believe that someday you will return as the leader of Rhythm Heaven! In fact, we believe only YOU can master the rhythm necessary to do so!!

You really are the best!

Thank you for playing!''


Representative for the Rhythm League,

Space Gramps.

The Ninja Scroll

Obtained by getting a perfect in Ninja Reincarnate.

Nice to meet you, everyone. My name's Tanaka. That's my real name, but don't tell my friends that, okay?? To them, I'm 'Hammer.''

I recently found a scroll in the attic. This is what was written in it...

''Thou who reads this: You did not find this scroll by chance. I have used my ninjutsu to ensure that you find it. This may be hard to believe, but I, the person writing this, am a ninja. I am also your ancestor.''

''The other day, I protected my lord from a hail of arrows at risk to my life. That night, I had a dream about a young man. A young man who lives with his back turned toward the world... a discontented young man.''

''According to the fortune teller, you are that young man. Like me, you risked your life to protect a person... a woman. This woman is the distant granddaughter of my lord. You may choose whether or not to believe me. Nonetheless, I ask that you continue to protect her for both of our sakes.''

The scroll was simply signed ''A Ninja''.

You see, the other day i did save a woman, one who is very important to me. We were at the arcade when some thugs attacked. I was greatly outnumbered, and it took all my effort to save her.

Could my ancestor's ninjitsu been at work? Perhaps i should put my anger behind me and study the way of the ninja instead...

Rhythm Standup

Obtained by getting a perfect in Toss Boys 2.

Kii-yan: ''Greetings, I'm Kii-yan!!''

Ao-kun: ''Greetings, I'm Ao-kun!!''

Both: ''We're Yellow and Blue! Thanks for coming to our show!''

Kii-yan: ''Hey hey, Ao-kun. Did I tell you I started taking music lessons?''

Ao-kun: ''No, you didn't tell me! When did this happen?! What instrument did you pick? Guitar? Piano? The Triangle?''

Kii-yan: ''Well, I'm learning...''

Ao-kun: ''Yeah, yeah?''

Kii-yan: ''I'm learning to play the rhythm!''

Ao-kun: ''What? Rhythm? Kii-yan, you dope! Rhythm isn't an instrument! What are you really playing?''

Kii-yan: ''I told the teacher that I want to play the drums, but she said that I have to work on the 'rhythm' first!''

Ao-kun: ''Kii-yan, she meant you needed to practice your sense of rhythm with the drums!''

Kii-yan: ''That's right! She did say that! Ao-kun, you're amazing! How did you know? Are you a mind reader?''

Ao-kun: ''You big dummy! I didn't use psychic powers, I used common sense!!''

Kii-yan: ''Hey hey, you don't have to get all angry about it.''

Ao-kun: ''You're right, you're right. Sorry.''

Kii-yan: ''Also, Ao-kun, don't look now but your fly is open!''

Ao-kun: ''What?! Why didn't you warn me before we got on stage?!''

Kii-yan: ''Made you look!''

Ao-kun: ''Why you little...''

Kii-yan: ''Little? I'm three inches taller than you!''

Ao-kun: ''Quiet!! You knew what i meant!!''

Kii-yan: ''ARGHH-!''

Ao-kun: ''Woah! Wh-why are you getting mad? Calm down, Kii-yan!''

Kii-yan: ''Anyway, we were talking about sense of rhythm, weren't we?''

Ao-kun: ''Yeah, that's right.''

Kii-yan: ''That was, until you derailed the conversation just like that...''

Ao-kun: ''Look, I'm sorry... no, wait!!! Kii-yan, you're the one that took us on that tangent by lying about my fly being open!!!''

Kii-yan: ''Yeah, but you're the one who fell for the joke.''

Ao-kun: ''Oh, be quiet! Anyway, what did your music teacher have to say about your sense of rhythm?''

Kii-yan: ''I figure I won't need all that much practice, since the teacher said my sense of rhythm was very blatant.''

Ao-kun: ''You blockhead! She said your sense of rhythm was latent, like your ability to tell funny jokes!''

Both : ''Thank you ladies and gentleman, and enjoy the rest of the game!''

Fan Mailbag

Obtained by getting a perfect in Remix 7.

Since release, we have been inundated with fan mail from people who have been enjoying Rhythm Tengoku. We have received so many letters and emails that we can't possibly share them all, so here is just a taste of what our playing have been saying.

I've been improving my sense of rhythm... and suddenly I'm the life of the party!?

Before finding Rhythm Tengoku, I had absolutely no luck with women. Now, I've got a date every Friday. ...My whole outlook on life has changed. Thanks, Rhythm Tengoku!

Mr. T, accountant, age 38

I've been working on my sense of rhythm... and suddenly everyone loves my singing!? Before finding Rhythm Tengoku, I was just your typical tone-deaf person. Lately though, I've been getting complements on my singing, even though I'm still tone-deaf... But it makes me happy anyway! Thank you!

Mrs. H, housewife, 29 years old

Now try it for yourself, to see where your sense of rhythm takes you! Tell your friends and share the magic of Rhythm Tengoku!!

The Rhythm Formula

Obtained by getting a perfect in Quiz Show.

Rhythm Sense ) Flow

Rhythm Sense =/ Flow

Explanation: Flow is just one element of Rhythm Sense; Flow is not Rhythm Sense itself.

Rhythm =/ Rhythm Sense

Explanation: Rhythm is the ability to count time, while Rhythm Sense is what you express, feel, engender, and naturally create through Flow.

Good dancer =/ Strong Rhythm Sense

Explanation: A good dancer does not necessarily have good Rhythm Sense.

Rhythm Diagnosis

Obtained by getting a perfect in Sick Beats.

Your Rhythm Sense is really Important! What is Rhythm Sense?

"Rhythm Sense" is just like it sounds. It's your sense of rhythm!

We're going to diagnose what style of rhythm you have. Please choose the choices you must agree with.

- 1 -

I have Rhythm Sense.

True - Go to page 2!

False - Go to page 3!

- 2 -

Between rock music and pop music, I like...

Rock - Go to page 4!

Pop - Go to page 5!

- 3 -

Between jazz music and classical music, I like...

Jazz - Go to page 6!

Classical - Go to page 7!

- 4 -

You can't dance if you don't have a sense of rhythm.

True - Go to page 8!

False - Go to page 9!

- 5 -

If you can recognize rhythm, then you personally can express it.

True - Go to page 10!

False - Go to page 11!

- 6 -

Everyone has a sense of rhythm.

True - Go to page 8!

False - Go to page 9!

- 7 -

Rhythm Sense is inherent; you can't improve it with practice.

True - Go to page 10!

False - Go to page 11!

- 8 -

Having rhythm is cooler when you have flow.

True - Go to page 12!

False - Go to page 13!

- 9 -

Rhythm and flow are just about the same thing.

True - Go to page 14!

False - Go to page 15!

- 10 -

Even if you have good rhythm, you won't be popular.

True - Go to page 16!

False - Go to page 17!

- 11 -

If you have good rhythm, it's hard to be tone-deaf.

True - Go to page 18!

False - Go to page 19!

- 12 -

Rhythm is easier to acquire the younger you are.

True - Go to page 23!

False - Go to page 21!

- 13 -

You can't seek Rhythm Sense after you're an adult.

True - Go to page 21!

False - Go to page 22!

- 14 -

Rhythm and daily life are unrelated.

True - Go to page 23!

False - Go to page 22!

- 15 -

Even a well-honed and long-standing

Rhythm Sense will quickly fade if you

don't consciously think about it.

True - Go to page 23!

False - Go to page 20!

- 16 -

You'll train your Rhythm Sense better if you work hard at it with a strict regimen.

True - Go to page 23!

False - Go to page 22!

- 17 -

Your rhythm will improve even in 30

seconds if you're conscious of it.

True - Go to page 22!

False - Go to page 23!

- 18 -

Feeling rhythm constantly is not good.

True - Go to page 23!

False - Go to page 20!

- 19 -

Rhythm is gained not by understanding

theory, but by repetition.

True - Go to page 23!

False - Go to page 21!

- 20 -

Your Rhythm Sense - Groovy

You have a good attitude towards rhythm. Even if you don't have confidence in your Rhythm Sense right now, you'll probably lead an enjoyable life full of rhythm. Rock on!

- 21 -

Your Rhythm Sense - Shy

Isn't your attitude towards rhythm a little flustered? Rhythm is something that everyone has. If you become conscious of rhythm little by little and enjoy yourself while doing it, your Rhythm Sense will grow. Relax.

- 22 -

Your Rhythm Sense - Carefree

You should be aware of the difference between flow and rhythm. Even if your flow is good, if your Rhythm Sense is bad, your smooth flow goes to waste. Tighten up your Rhythm Sense, and your energy and spirit might make others happier.

- 23 -

Your Rhythm Sense - Strict

You might be having some trouble seeing your Rhythm Sense. Mightn't it improve naturally if you spend time working with it? Mix rhythm into everyday life, and don't take it so seriously! It would probably be more enjoyable that way.

Rhythm Poem Digest

Obtained by getting a perfect in Wizard's Waltz.


I nurture it,

For the day it will spread its wings.

Every day in my ordinary life

To live more naturally,

To live more enjoyably,

I nurture that which is yet so small,

My sense of rhythm.

‘’Karate Rhythm’’

Hey baby! How’s it going?

This beat is non stop.

Hey! Baby! Listen to my phrase.

I can give you

the sense of rhythm.

Oh, Yeah.

Awake baby! Trust me!

This beat is non stop!

New groove in your soul,

Oh, Yeah!

This beat!

You are growing up well.

Hey, Baby!

Hold onto your ambition.

Hey! Oh, Yeah!

Rhythm Haiku Folio

Obtained by getting a perfect in Fireworks.

Together let's forge. The skill that everyone has; our sense of rhythm.

''It is possible to develop latent rhythm sense with practice. Daily repetition is even more effective.''

Moving and doing. As I go about my day, Is this called rhythm?

''It's good to feel and embrace your rhythm sense during everyday life. While walking, brushing your teeth or cooking you should move with consciousness of your rhythm.''

You have good rhythm, but if your flow is better, your rhythm's it's best.

''.Rhythm sense and flow are separate things. While honing your sense of rhythm, you should also try to develop good flow.''

Let's not be hasty, wait patiently for the rest and don't lose the flow.

''Counting accurately during a rest is difficult and it's tempting to start too soon. The ability to stay composed during the rests is critical to good flow and rhythm.''

Even in old age, rhythm sense can sprout and grow. Just go with your flow!

''Rhythm sense will grow exceptionally even in adults so long as you try to be conscious of your rhythm.''