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The Three Synchrettes
シンクロ姉妹 The Synchronized Sisters
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven
Gender Females / Males (Remix 5 & Remix 9)
Appearances Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Fever (cameo)

The Three Synchrettes (シンクロ姉妹 Shinkuro Shimai?) are a team of six swimmers, although only three of them are usually seen in gameplay. They appear in Rhythm Heaven's Splashdown alongside Dolphins

Physical Appearance

The Three Syncrettes are female swimmers with orange, white-striped swimsuits. They have pink hair and round orange hats. They have pink cheeks, large black eyes, and a smiles.

In Remix 5 and Remix 9, The Three Synchrettes are replaced with male swimmers.

Remix 5's swimmers have red cheeks and brown hair. They wear blue swim shorts and are also seen smiling.

Remix 9's swimmers have yellow hair, red cheeks, and white full-body swimsuits They have the same smiles as the other swimmers. Their ears appear to be red.


Sync or Swim Monthly, the reward for perfecting Splashdown, tells us about  the Three Synchrettes. 

The letter says that last week's tournament revealed a new set of stars, the Three Synchettes. Their performance, which featured Dolphins, was impressive and very well recieved. The people writing the letter are amazed that they were able to coordinate so well with the aninmals, as it's hard enough to coordinate with an all human team.

They finish the letter by saying that they must have spent a great deal of time training, and they expect a lot of good from the Synchrettes.


The Three Synchrettes require the player to make quick decisions about whether they should release or flick while underwater. They help the player learn more about trio rhythms and test their patience.



In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese シンクロ姉妹 Synchro Sisters
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Les trois naïades
ES Spanish Las Tres Sincronettes
D German Die Drei Nixen
IT Italian Le 3 Sinchronette
KR Korean 수중 발레 3인방 Underwater Ballet Trio
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