"The Rap Men are out, could it be?"
— Red Haired Rapper - Rhythm Tengoku

The Rap Women
ラップ♥ウィメン Rappu Uimen
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Females
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku

The Rap Women are rivals of the Rap Men that appear only in the minigame Rap Women in Rhythm Tengoku.

Physical Appearance

The girl who appears on the left of the duo is a female variant of the Red Rapper from Rap Men. She wears her bright red hair in a ponytail and has her bangs swept to the side in the front. She wears large white and gray headphones over her ears, and a leather jacket with a red chest piece under it. She wears pink jeans with a black belt.

Her partner (To the right), is the female variant of the Yellow Rapper from Rap Men. Her hair is swept to the side as well. She wears a leather jacket, with a blue chest piece under it. Just like the red haired rapper, she also has pink jeans with a black belt.


In "Rap Report," the email obtained from perfecting Rap Men, there's an interview between the Rap Men and DJ MAN-K. They start off by talking about the Rap Men's new hit single, but drama quickly ensues.

The Rap Men start talking about the Rap Women, and how they stole all of their snacks in their dressing room. The Rap Women left a note that said, "Secret snacking is the BEST!!", a reference to a line that the red haired rapper says in her game Rap Women.


Just like the Rap Men, the red haired rapper has a variety of quotes that she sings throughout the game Rap Women. Not only does she say a lot more, "Saiko!!" lines, but she describes stealing snacks from the Rap Men with her "Kamone?" lines.

Desu ka? (Isn't it?)

"Yo, oyatsu desu ka?" - "It's time for a snack, isn't it?"

"Yo, juji desu ka?" - "It's 10:00 AM, isn't it?"

"Naisho desu ka?" - "It's our little secret, isn't it?"

Kamone? (Could it be?)

"Kare no oyatsu dane?" - "The Rap Men are out, it could be."

"Akete ii kamone?" - "Their door is open... could it be?"

"Tabete ii kamone?" - "They've got snacks, I could see."

Saiko!! (the BEST!!)

"Oyatsu wa saiko!!" - "Snacks are the BEST!!"

"Amakute saiko!!" - "Sweet or salty is the BEST!!"

"Kibun wa saiko!!" - "They make you feel the BEST!!"

"Kare ni wa naisho!!" - "Secret snacking is the BEST!!"

"Betsubara saiko!!!" - "Raps and snacks are the BEST!!"

"Dare no mo naisho!!" - "Now let's wrap this rap to digest!!"



  • When the blue haired rapper says, "Uhn!" her hands turn yellow for a split second.
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