"Lack of snacks makes me depressed!"
— Red Rapper - Rhythm Tengoku

Rap Men
ラップメン Rappu Men
Rapping Men
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Males
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku,
Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Rap Men are two red and yellow men who rap about snacks, sweets, and candies. They appear in the similarly named game Rap Men in Rhythm Tengoku .

Physical Appearance

The red rapper is shorter than his partner. He has a white shirt with a number one on it. He has gray headphones, pink sunglasses, and blue pants.

The yellow rapper is a much larger man. He has the same white shirt, but it has a zero on it rather than a one. He also wears blue pants and always has his eyes closed.


Upon perfecting Rap Men in Rhythm Tengoku, you get an email called "Rap Report." This email is a transcript of an interview between the Rap Men and "DJ MAN-K," which may be referring to the monkey variation, MAN-K.

The interview starts off describing the new hit single released by the Rap Men, but drama quickly ensues. The Rap Men discuss a new rip-off group, called the Rap Women. It's revealed that the Rap Women have been secretly stealing snacks from them in their dressing room. They were left a note that said: "Secret snacking is the BEST!", a reference to a line that the Rap Women say in their respective game. 


In the game Rap Men, the red rapper has a variety of quotes. These include:

Desu ka? (Isn't it?)

"Yo, okaeri masu ka?" - "Yo, are you back?" (Practice Only)

"Yo, oyatsu desu ka?" - "It's time for a snack, isn't it?"

"Yo, sanji desu ka?" - "It's already 3:00 PM isn't it?"

"Honto desu ka?" - "It's all good, isn't it?"

Kamone? (Could it be?)

"Tanoshii, kamone?" - "It's cool, could it be?" (Practice Only)

"Oishii, kamone?" - "Something sweet it could be?"

"Herushii kamone?" - "Something salty it could be?"

"Orenosei kamone" - "Some sugar candies it could be?"

"Soremosou kamone?" - "A bag of chips it could be?"

Saiko!! (the BEST!!)

"Oyatsu wa saiko!!" - "That's why snacks are the BEST!!"

"Kibun wa saiko!!" - " They make you feel the BEST!!"

"Orette saiko!!" - "I am the BEST!!"

"Kimitte saiko!!" - "You are the BEST!!"

"Oyatsu ga naiyo!!" - "Hey, who swiped the rest?"

"Oreshira naiyo!!" - "Lack of snacks makes me depressed!"


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