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The Clappy Trio (パチパチ三人衆?, Pachi Pachi Sanninshu), who have also gone by the name The Snappy Trio (バリバリ三人衆?, Bari Bari Sanninshū) and many others[1], are a group of 3 lions[2] wearing red afros who appeared in The Clappy Trio in Rhythm Tengoku, Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix. They are some of the most recurring characters in the Rhythm Heaven Series.

The Clappy Trio are three lions, sporting red afros and white disco suits. They enjoy to clap their hands in time to the beat of a song in turn. They are colored yellow-orange, their noses are red, and their afros are red with yellow sparkles on them. In The Snappy Trio, they appear in a wild west city set as part of a TV Western[3], and they wear blue suits with hats.


The Clappy Trio made their debut long ago, and they have a surprisingly long artistic history. Their wigs were a gift from one of their fans, who moved soon after and never got to see the trio wear them[4]. They performed mostly on street corners, mostly for spare change. Prior to their rise in popularity, they spent all their money from their previous 18 performances to buy fancy suits to improve their image, but they could only afford one for each[5].

They have gone by other names, but they're most recognizable as "The Clappy Trio" because it best connects with their performance. There were rumors that they wanted to change their name[1], and they soon made their debut again as "The Snappy Trio" as part of a TV Western, and they wear snappy suits to match. They considered trying to fit their afros under their hats[3] in an effort to be recognized by the fan who gave them the afros as a gift[6]. A lot of people were against the name, and there were rumors about them renaming again[7].

One day, one of the members saw another group nearby, a chorus that just couldn't get their act together, because the third member was so nervous that he couldn't stop singing out of turn. The clappy member decided to leave the Clappy Trio with consent from his colleagues[8] and take the chorus under his wing as their conductor, but he claims to be just there to help them along as "They're the stars, and I try to stay out of their way."[9]

In Remix 1, Remix 7 and Extra Remix TempoUpExtra6.png, the trio appears with a fourth member at one point, with the sign changed accordingly. In Pachi Pachi Sanninshu TempoUpExtra5.png, the trio appear to be preparing for a space mission. In the Epilogues, they either get left behind (Try Again), cruise around in space (OK) or discover a new planet (Superb). The trio are Racing Fans, and can be seen as part of the crowd in Freeze Frame. They go on another space mission to "find where rhythm comes from" in Launch Party. One member, dubbed the Driver (ドライバー?, Doraibā), drives the Toy Car. A poster for the Clappy Trio can be seen in Catchy Tune. The Clappy Trio have also been seen performing in front of a fruit stall, presumably to attract customers, in Citrus Remix. In Wario...Where? 2: The Sequel, one of the members appears to have been replaced by Jimmy T. It is unclear when these events occur in relation to the general story.




  • The Clappy Trio has appeared as playable characters in 16 different games through the series.
    • This makes them some of the few characters that appear in every game.
  • The sign during their performances usually says "Trio Timing!", but in some instances, the sign is altered. In Japanese, the sign reads "均等に3つ!" (Evenly 3!), which changes to "均等に4つ!" (Evenly 4!) when the fourth member appears. In the Japanese version of Citrus Remix, the sign reads "均等に3円" (Evenly 3 yen) as part of the fruit stall, and in French, it changes from "Tous en rythme !" (All in rhythm!) to "100 % pur clap !" (100% pure clap!). In Korean, it similarly changes from "똑같이 3개!" (Evenly 3!) to "똑같이 3천원" (Evenly 3,000 won). It was localized as "Trio Timing" in English, and left unchanged from the normal sign in all other languages. The "!" also gets replaced with a cactus in The Snappy Trio and an orange in Citrus Remix in Japanese, English and Korean.
  • The information given in the Rhythm Items is generally consistent across languages, but some alter certain details. For example, the French version states the trio collected the money from their last 42 concerts as opposed to 18 gigs, and they specifically say they avoid wearing them while eating spaghetti bolognese to avoid getting them dirty[10].
  • The trio's iconic Fluffy Wigs can be seen worn by the Space Kickers in Remix 6 and the person seen in Lockstep 2 in Rhythm Heaven, as well as by the Lumbercats in Barbershop Remix in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese パチパチ三人衆
Pachi Pachi Sanninshū
Clap Clap Trio
US.svg English The Clappy Trio
FR.svg French Trio clap clap
Le clap trio[11]
Trio clap clap
The clap trio
DU.svg German Die drei Claqueure
The Three Clappers
Gossip Trio
IT.svg Italian Trio Applausi Applause Trio
ES.svg Spanish El trío saleroso
Los Palmeros de Troya[13]
The Clappy Trio
The Three Clappers
KR.svg Korean 짝짝짝 트리오
Jjag Jjag Jjag Teulio
Clap Clap Clap Trio


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