Tanooki & Monkey
たぬき&モンキー Tanuki & Monkī
Tanooki & Monkey
BPM 119
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku (Unused)
Game Number N/A (Rhythm Tengoku)
Perfect Reward N/A
Song Used Tanooki & Monkey

Tanooki & Monkey (たぬき&モンキー[1] Tanuki & Monkī?) is an unused minigame found within Rhythm Tengoku. The drummer, Moné[citation needed], is taking Drum Lessons from Salu (サル Saru?) and Ponta (ポン太 Ponta?) by Samurai Drummer's request.


The player controls the drummer on the far right. Their task is to copy the patters that Salu and Ponta play.

When Salu plays the snare with his left hand, it is expected that A will be pressed to play the snare drum with your right hand. When he plays with his left hand, it is expected that D-Pad Right is used to drum it with your right hand. However, the full drum controls are available; therefore, the player doesn't have to use the respective hand to drum.

When Ponta plays his tom-tom, use D-Pad Down to copy him. The player gets three tries for each pattern. At the end of the game, a numbered score is received, like in Rhythm-kan Sokutei. However, losing the pattern three times results in a game over, and 0 points.


  • A: Hit the middle drum with your right hand
  • Down: Hit the left drum
  • Right: Hit the middle drum with your left hand

Timing Notes

  • Hit: You play the pattern correctly. The game moves on to the next pattern.
  • Barely: N/A
  • Miss: Salu points out that the pattern is wrong and asks you to try again. You only get three tries on each pattern.


Karate Man but it's an unused Drumming Game

Karate Man but it's an unused Drumming Game

Rhythm Tengoku - Unused Drum Game (FULL VERSION)

Rhythm Tengoku - Unused Drum Game (FULL VERSION)


  • This game is one of many that were cut from Rhythm Tengoku[1], and seems to be the only one with any content left intact.
  • The drummer featured in this game also appears in an unused intro sequence, where they take lessons from Samurai Drummer directly. One lesson has the drummer hit the beat as soon as the music starts.
    • The first song from this sequence was repurposed as the High Score jingle in Mr. Upbeat, the second was expanded into the second song used in Rap Machine, while the third goes unused completely.
    • The second sequence begins with Samurai Drummer playing a relatively simple pattern, then goes crazy on the drums, and asks the drummer to copy it. As soon as they player gets to the crazy drumming, Samurai Drummer stops them and says he was just kidding with that part. The player receives a numbered score after completing these sequences like in Tanooki & Monkey.
  • In the final game, the role of the monkey-suited drummer was essentially taken by Anata.


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