T.J. Snapper
カメラマン Cameraman
T.J.Snapper 3DS
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

T.J Snapper is a photographer who appears in the minigame Freeze Frame in Rhythm Heaven. It is revealed in the article "A Confession" that he got his job on the racetrack from a suggestion by his girlfriend, which, ironically, works against her, as he becomes addicted to snapping photos of the races.



In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese カメラマン Cameraman
US English (US)
UK English (UK)
FR French Paul Clichet
ES Spanish Miralpa Jarito Look at bird
D German
IT Italian
KR Korean 카메라맨 Cameraman
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