There's no I in synchronized
swimming, so get out there
and... What? There is?
Well, get out there anyway,
and show 'em your stuff!
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シンクロ Shinkuro
BPM 120
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Game Number 21
Perfect Reward Splashdown song

Splashdown (シンクロ Shinkuro?, "Synchro") is the 21st minigame in Rhythm Heaven. In this game, you are playing a Synchrette who is doing some synchronized swimming with the other two Synchrettes to the beat. The sequel, Splashdown 2, is unlocked later on.


Splashdown gameplay

The player controls the Synchrette on the right and must move in sequence with the other swimmers by holding the stylus on the touch screen to dive underwater and lifting it to rise to the surface. At certain points the Synchrettes will have to jump out of the water in sequence or together at once on a dolphin or by being tossed in the air by other swimmers, the player must flick at the correct time to successfully jump.


  • Tap (Hold): Dive underwater
  • Tap (Release): Surface from underwater
  • Flick: Jump out of the water/Throw Synchrette

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The player's Synchrette successfully dives underwater. When jumping out of the water, the Synchrette and her dolphin will perform a flip or the Synchrette tossed will exclaim "Ally-oop!".
  • Early!/Late!: N/A
  • Miss...: If the player misses their cue, a 'doink' sound will be heard when they dive underwater. If the player rises from the water off cue, their Synchrette will flail out of the water in panic. If the player launches out of the water off cue, the Synchrette will pop out hanging onto the dolphin's tail both having worried looks or the tossed Synchrette will be flailing in the air helplessly.


ConsoleDS Icon
The dolphins say...
GradingNG DS
You guys didn't sync up.
You sort of lost your cool.
Your jumps were sort of clumsy.
GradingOK DS
Good enough...
I don't know...
I guess that was all right.
GradingHI DS
You moved well together.
You kept a cool head!
Those jumps were great!




Rhythm Heaven - Splashdown (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven - Splashdown (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP JapaneseシンクロSynchro
US EnglishSplashdown
FR FrenchPetit bassin
DU GermanWasserballeriren
ES SpanishEl chapuzón
IT ItalianSplashdown
KR Korean수중발레Water Ballet

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