Slot Monster

Slot Monster(スロット surotto "slot") is an unlockable rhythm toy in Rhythm Heaven. This toy requires eight medals to play.


The Slot Monster has three differently colored buttons: a green one (on the left), a purple one (center), and a red one (on the right). They will flash to the rhythm that you must press.

The monster itself is tall and yellow. It has pink cheeks, a long neck, two horns, monkey-like ears, and a smile. His three eyes can display various different images. These act as the slot machine. The images include some cake, bows, rings, hats, and even characters like Barista and Note. The Slot Monster has a lever hanging down that you must pull to start the various different rhythms. It is yellow with darker yellow stripes and it has a circle attached to the end.


When you pull down the lever, you start one of a few pre-made rhythms. The three colored buttons will light up on a specific beat, and it's your job to press the buttons when they light up. If you get it correctly, the 3 eyes of the monster will show the same image, you get a happy little jingle, and the stack of coins in the background grows. Once it grows to the top, it won't grow anymore. If you don't hit one of the right buttons on time, one or more of the eyes will show the wrong image, and you lose some of the coins in the background stack.


Pull down the lever- Start a new rhythm.

Tap on left button- Presses the green button.

Tap on middle button- Presses the purple button.

Tap on right button- Presses the red button.


In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese スロット Slots
FR French Monstre à crédit
ES Spanish
D German Taktmonster
IT Italian
KR Korean 몬스터 Monster

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