"(Notice from assistant ”It's terrible! It's a virus outbreak! Help, professor~”)
— Sick Beats Description (Rhythm Tengoku)

"バイキン発生して 大ピンチ!
"(It's a big virus outbreak! Help! Dr. Virus!)
— Sick Beats Description (Rhythm Tengoku Arcade)

"We've got an outbreak of an
unknown virus! The only treatment it
responds to is tiny forks in rhythm!
— Sick Beats Description Second Gate Saffron Trial (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

"We've got a big outbreak of an
unknown virus! The only treatment it
responds to is tiny forks in rhythm!
— Sick Beats Description Second Gate Saltwater Trial (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

"We've got a massive outbreak of an
unknown virus! The only treatment it
responds to is tiny forks in rhythm!
— Sick Beats Description Second Gate Paprika Trial (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

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Sick Beats
バイキンはかせ Baikin Hakase

Back Teria

Doctor bacteria 3ds

BPM 124.2
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku
Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 10 (Tengoku)
18 (Megamix)
Perfect Reward Rhythm Diagnosis (Tengoku)

Sick Beats (バイキンはかせ Baikin Hakase?) is the 10th game in Rhythm Tengoku and the 18th game in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. In this rhythm game, you are a doctor protecting a yellow micro-organism by stabbing viruses with forks. This minigame appears in Gate 2 in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Bacteria doc
Doctor bacteria 3ds gameplay

The player uses the D-Pad (+) to shoot at the viruses from one of four directions, depending on their placement on the map. If even one virus gets to the end, the organism will pop.


Button Mode

  • Left: Shoot left
  • Right: Shoot right
  • Up: Shoot up
  • Down: Shoot down

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Shoot either way

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The viruses will be stabbed by one of the 4 forks. The doctor will turn to the camera and blush.
  • Barely: The viruses will be stabbed, but barely touched, by the fork. A barely counts as a hit in the endless game, but it counts as a miss in Final Remix & (apparently) the main game.
  • Miss: The doctor turns blue & the virus will continue on its way. The player has multiple chances to vanquish the virus; however, when it reaches the organism, the latter will make a worried noise, then pop. In the main game & Megamix's practice, it respawns, but it's impossible to get a Superb rating afterwards. In the endless game, one miss will end the game.

Rating Notes


  • "助手から ひとこと" (A word from the assistant)

Try Again

  • "当たりそこねが 多かったですね。" (There were a lot you just missed.)
  • "けっこう にがしちゃいましたねぇ…" (You let a lot go...)


  • "う~ん..." (Yeah...)
  • "まぁまぁ、 かな。" (OK, I guess?)
  • "とりあえず..." (Anyway...)
  • "よしと します。" (You did your best.)


  • "とても あざやかな退治でした!" (It was a brilliant extermination!)



Sick Beats SP

"(Fight, fight.)
— Sick Beats SP Description (Rhythm Tengoku)

"We've got an outbreak of an
unknown virus! You're gonna need
a LOT of forks for this one! (No practice)
— Sick Beats Description (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

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Doctor bacteria 3ds Endless

Sick Beats SP

Rhythm Tengoku
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Game Number

2 (Both)

High Score

010000 (Tengoku)
120 (Megamix)

Sick Beats SP (バイキンはかせSP Baikin Hakase SP?), known as Sick Beats (バイキンはかせ Baikin Hakase?) in Rhythm Heaven Megamix is the second Endless Game in Rhythm Tengoku and Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It can be unlocked by obtaining 10 Medals in Rhythm Tengoku or beating all three Trials in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The game is an endless version of the original, ending once a single virus gets through to the end without being stabbed. The game gets faster as you continue, and new variations of viruses are introduced. Pink viruses will take two hits, and will continue to a different direction, meaning a player can't use the same side of the D-pad twice when vanquishing a pink one. A black virus has three hits, and follows the same properties as the pink.


The player has the option to select which difficulty they want in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. Saffron Trial: Only blue viruses are in this version. There are 3 organisms. Saltwater Trial: The blue may skip a section. Pink viruses are added. There are 2 organisms. Paprika Trial: The blue ones may skip 1-3 sections. Pink ones may skip 1-2 sections. Black viruses are added. There are 2 organisms.

Rhythm Items

Radio Offbeat Prescription
This item is surprisingly
important to the doctor's work.
You just can't cure diseases
as well without some groovy
(High Score: 120)
Boom Box Who Could Guess?
Turns out that louder music
allows for healthier patients.
Can't say I would have


Sick Beats Arcade Star
  • This is the first game not use the A button in Rhythm Tengoku.
  • This game is unique for being set up like a tower defense game.
  • While stabbing a virus, followed by an off-beat virus, a star will appear next to the doctor.
  • Although only blue viruses appear in the normal version of the game, a black virus appears in Remix 7.
  • The music used in Sick Beats SP in Rhythm Tengoku is a slightly remixed version of the normal music. In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the music is the same as the original, except for the addition of an ending note in the Gatekeeper Trio's Trials.
  • This is one of the few games that doesn't feature a practice session in Tengoku.
  • This is the only rhythm game in Rhythm Heaven Megamix to be an Endless game instead of the original.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseバイキンはかせ
Baikin Hakase
Dr. Virus
US EnglishSick Beats
FR FrenchTempo laboLab tempo
DU GermanKranke BeatsSick Beats
ES SpanishRitmo contagiosoContagious rhythm
IT ItalianRitmo viraleViral rhythm
KR Korean세균 박사
Segyun Bagsa
Dr. Virus

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