Shoot-'Em-Up 2
Intruder alert! Again!
Scramble fighters! Again!
Defend the homeworld!

(And no practice for you!)
ConsoleDS Icon Rhythm Heaven
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Shoot-'Em-Up 2
シューティング2 Shuutingu 2
Shoot 'em up 2
BPM 142
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Game Number 46
Perfect Reward Crew's Log

Shoot-'Em-Up 2 (シューティング2 Shooting 2?) is the 46th minigame in Rhythm Heaven. It is the sequel to Shoot-'Em-Up. There's an intruder alert again, and the Blastronaut is ready to shoot alien intruders down.


Shoot-'emup 2

The player's ship is now white with green patterns on it, and is flying through some sort of black-and-green cube area. The enemies are gray, cube-shaped things with black eyes and mouths. The Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady has a change in appearance, wearing a red and yellow helmet and a dark-green shirt, like in Marching Orders. The game starts out on the original's third phase, and goes on from there. The other two phases have more complicated rhythms and are faster-paced.


  • Tap: Shoot

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The alien ship is destroyed completely.
  • Early!/Late!: The alien ship is struck down, but not destroyed. In Rhythm Heaven only, this does not cause the player to fail a Perfect Campaign.
  • Miss...: The alien damages the player's spaceship.


ConsoleDS Icon
Commander's Debriefing
GradingNG DS
Some enemies got past you.
The high-speed volleys are tricky.
Your trigger finger is a little slow.
GradingOK DS
Good enough...
I don't know...
I guess that was all right.
GradingHI DS
That was a glorious battle!
Your 8-shot volleys were amazing!
Nice work, right to the end!
Incredible work on the fast shots!




  • The Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady's helmet looks like the ones the Squadmates wear in Rhythm Tengoku's Marching Orders. In the Superb ranking screen, she's wearing an outfit highly resembling those of the marchers'. She's also making a pose similar to when they march.
  • This game involves some of the fastest tapping that you will need to clear a game in Rhythm Heaven.


Rhythm Heaven - Shoot-'Em-Up 2 (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven - Shoot-'Em-Up 2 (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseシューティング2Shooting 2
FR FrenchBataille galactique 2Galactic battle 2
DU GermanKosmorock 2Cosmorock 2
ES SpanishGuerra Galáctica 2
IT ItalianMeteoritmi 2Metorhythm 2
KR Korean슈팅 2Shooting 2

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