"Fellow Martians, I've encountered
an Earthling! I'm going to attempt to
translate what it says. (No practice)
— Second Contact Description

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Second Contact
かえってきた 通訳者 Kaettekita Tsuyakusha
Return of Interpreter
BPM 104
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 46
Perfect Reward 1 Flow Ball

Second Contact (かえってきた 通訳者 Kaettekita Tsuyakusha "Return of Interpreter") is the 46th minigame and it's a sequel to First Contact in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The point of the game is to translate what is being said to the rhythm. It is similar to First Contact. In this game, the player controls a Martian translating a human named Farmer Bob.


Second Contact gameplay

Second Contact's gameplay focuses on repeating a pattern by hitting the A button or directional pad. Farmer Bob will start by speaking to a rhythm represented by a symbol (a picture of a person) and then give the Martian a cue to repeat that same rhythm, translating the symbols to words. It is also played the same way like in prequel, but this time it's more complex and a bit tricky having symbols appearing really fast to hit.


Good dialog (Sequel) (Japanese)

Hi, people of Mars! (Howdy, Martian folks.)

How do you do? (How y'all doing?)

I am an Earthling.

...And single! (...I'm single.)

Don't get your hopes up... (Well as you can see,)

Not all humans... (I happen to be,)

look as good as me! (really good looking.)

...Ladies! (...That was a joke.)

Let's get some tea... (Ahh, I wanna be popular. (with ladies))

and talk planets. (Ahh, I wanna be popular. (with ladies))

I'm going to... (But, now...)

work up my courage to say... (I am going to confess!)

to [A different three-syllable name may appear here each time.]...

for oh... ("I have always,")

so, so... ("AAALLWAYS,")

long I have been... ("since long ago,")

very much in love with... ("I have always been in love!")

yummy PORK RICE BOWLS! ("with katsudon.")

Ummm...yeah. (Well, then,)

I should head back soon... (I better head back,)

for my tentacle graft. (to the beauty salon!)

...Kidding! (...That was a joke.)

Bad dialog (sequel)

Blah, blah...

Garble, snarble.

Guess who I am?


Watermelon, watermelon.

Rutabaga, rutabaga...

You guys look like octopuses!


I want a taco.

Where are the donuts?

Niagara Falls.

Are you gonna eat that?

Did I say something wrong?





(boring stuff)

Blah, blah...





Button Mode

  • A or D-Pad: Translate

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Translate

Timing Notes

  • Hit: Proper translation of Bob's words occurs.
  • Barely: The Martian translates Farmer Bob's words in a high-pitched voice.
  • Miss: A question-mark is displayed over the failed section, and the rest of the sentence is not translated. If a sentence is missed from the beginning, dialogue from the "Bad dialog" section appears instead, making Farmer Bob look sad.

Rating Notes


  • "Mars Control to Farmer Bob"

Try Again

  • "What was that? We wait with bated breath!"
  • "Didn't quite catch that--not sure we wanted to."
  • "Yikes?"


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "Yup, definitely heard you loud and clear..."
  • "Even when things got awkward, you nailed it."
  • "We were feeling the love...unfortunately."


Rhythm Item


Foreign Food
Everyone was surprised at how quickly we started a culinary exchange with Mars, but they shouldn't have been. Look at it! It's basically a space meatball!

Skill Star

The Skill Star for this game can be collected when the human says "...Ladies!"

Challenge Train

  • Copycats (Super Hard!)



  • When the Martian scientists are shown, the alien from Spaceball can be seen.
  • When the Martian badly translates the Earthling's language, his high-pitched voice is a sped up version of the Wrestler when he does poses to the fans in Ringside.
  • This game, unlike the other three sequels to the original games, actually seems to be a true sequel, even having a call-back to the "PORK RICE BOWLS!" gag in First Contact. Due to this, some fans call First Contact the "real" game, despite Second Contact having the "Return of" title in the Japanese name (which refers to the "true" games in The Best Plus) & being in Left-Hand Remix.
    • Even more so, it's appearance in Citrus Remix has a reporter translating a orange alien, similarly to First Contact.


Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Second Contact (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Second Contact (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese かえってきた通訳者 Return of Interpreter
FR French Interprète terrien-martien
ES Spanish Segundo contacto
D German Der zweite kontakt
IT Italian Secondo Contatto
Flag of South Korea Korean 돌아온 통역사 Return of Interpreter

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