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Samurai Slice

Rhythm Heaven

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Samurai Slice (ゐあひ斬り外伝 Iai Giri Gaiden) is an Endless Game in Rhythm Heaven. 17 Medals are required to unlock it. It features the Wandering Samurai from Rhythm Tengoku's & Rhythm Heaven Fever's Samurai Slice.


Tapping the screen makes the samurai step on a wooden plank to bounce food. Coins will come out of the sliced food, which racks up the player's score. When the full moon rises, all coins earned will be increased immensely for a brief period of time. The game moves faster as the score rises. If the samurai fails to slice food items at least three times, the game is over.


  • Tap: Step on wooden plank
  • Flick: Slice

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The object is sliced and the kid is happy.
  • Barely: The object bounces off if the samurai slices it too early and it will fall down, causing this to lose one life. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The object will fall down, and the kid will be upset. One miss costs the player a life.

Sliced Items

Rhythm Heaven - Samurai Slice

Rhythm Heaven - Samurai Slice

Gameplay of Samurai Slice

The variation in timing is also based on which food is going to be sliced.

  • Watermelon: The most basic item to slice. The watermelon will bounce off the wooden plank once and then will be able to be sliced with the samurai's sword.
  • Blue fish: This item will bounce off the wooden plank twice, so waiting twice as long to slice is crucial.
  • Gold fish: This fish is rarer than the blue fish. Slicing it will remove one mistake made during play.
  • Evil Demon: This enemy, who is returning from the GBA version, has a mask with big red nose. Once it is bounced off the wooden plank it will be launched in the air and out of sight, and then fall down in front of the samurai. It will take two beats to it to fall.


  • This is the first and only time the Wandering Samurai stars in an Endless Game.
  • Further in the game, the words 555-SAMURAI will appear on the Moon. If the player types that into the Phone rhythm toy, they will get sounds of the Wandering Samurai from Rhythm Tengoku.
  • The music in this game is similar, or the same, as Samurai Slice (GBA)'s music.
  • This marks the first time that the Wandering Samurai changes his appearance in the Korean version, as seen below.
  • According to the “Listen to Music” section of the Café, the song for this minigame is called Fresh Samurai.

In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese ゐあひ斬り裏 Wiahigiri ura
FR French Rythme tranchant
ES Spanish Samurái Rebanador
D German Iai! Samurai!
IT Italian Spirito samurai
KR Korean 무사의 길 Warrior's Path



Korean Verison

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