"The guitar work gets a bit
technical here, but if you
can pull it off, just think
how cool you'll look!
— Rockers 2 Description

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Remix 10 (DS)
Rockers 2
ロッカー2 Rokkā 2
Rockers 2
BPM 142
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Game Number 49
Perfect Reward Guitar Monthly

Rockers 2 (ロッカー2 Rokkā 2?) is the 49th minigame of Rhythm Heaven. It is the sequel to Rockers. Rockers 2 newly features the use of the R or L Trigger (R being used if the player is playing right-handed, and the L being vice versa) on the Nintendo DS to "bend" notes, similar to that of a whammy bar.


Rockers 2 gameplay

The gameplay is merely slightly more complex than the original as you have to use the new cue added in this gameplay. Press R or L Trigger (R being used if the player is playing right-handed, and L being used if the player is playing left-handed or vice versa) on your DS console to "bend" notes during the high note routine while flicking strum guitar and tap it to tune its strings after finishing "bending."


  • Tap: Prepare strum/mute guitar strings
  • Flick: Strum guitar
  • L/R Trigger: "Bend" strummed notes

Timing Notes

  • Hit: White bolts will appear around the student Rocker.
  • Barely: Blue tears will appear around the student Rocker and the strum will be slightly off tune. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: Yellow vines will appear around the student Rocker and the strum will be very off tune. J.J. Rocker will stumble over.

Rating Notes


  • "Audience reaction:"

Try Again

  • "You didn't play off each other well."
  • "That performance didn't really gel."
  • "You didn't play in sync too well."
  • "You goofed up a lot."


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "That was a call to AWESOME."
  • "You two were in perfect sync!"
  • "That last one rocked!"




  • J.J. Rocker double taps the guitar after each strum during the first few verses of the song, but it is not required to copy from it.
  • The four songs in the Technical Course of the Guitar Lessons use the note bending from this game.
  • Rockers 2 is the only rhythm game to feature a control method aside from tapping and flicking as well as the only game using a button in Rhythm Heaven. It is also the only game to use the L and R buttons in the entire Rhythm Heaven franchise.
  • This is one of the four sequels in Rhythm Heaven to have a new cue and practice section, the other being Fan Club 2, Rhythm Rally 2, and Fillbots 2.
  • There is an unused sprite that was supposed to be used for the Superb screen.


Rhythm Heaven - Rockers 2 (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven - Rockers 2 (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseロッカー2Rocker 2
US EnglishRockers 2
UK UK EnglishRockers 2
FR FrenchRockeurs 2Rockers 2
DU GermanRockduett 2Rock duet 2
ES SpanishLos Rockeros 2The Rockers 2
IT ItalianThe Rockers 2The Rockers 2
KR Korean로커 2Rocker 2

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