"A mashup of LOTS of previous
games! You'll need your dexterity! (No practice)
— Right-Hand Remix Description

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Right Remix
Right-Hand Remix



Rhythm Heaven Megamix

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1 Flow Ball

Right-Hand Remix (ライトリミックス Right Remix?) is the 85th game and the ninth remix to appear in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. This remix is another medley of some rhythm games that have been presented in this game.

List of Games

The Clappy Trio 2 Fan Club Tangotronic 3000 Blue Birds
Clappy Trio 3DS gameplay Fan Club Right-Hand Tangrotronic 300 Right-Hand Blue Birds gameplay 3DS
Lockstep Flipper-Flop 2 Sumo Brothers Sneaky Spirits 2
Lockstep 3DS Flipper-Flop 3DS gameplay Sumo Brothers Right-Hand Ghosts Yak gameplay
Launch Party Glee Club 2 Super Samurai Slice Power Calligraphy
Launch Party 3DS gameplay Glee Club 3DS SSS Right-Hand Power Calligraphy 3DS gameplay
Cheer Readers Karate Man Returns! Figure Fighter 2 Catchy Tune 2
Cheer Readers Right-Hand Hey baby gameplay Figure Fighter 3DS gameplay Jumping Road
The Clappy Trio 2
Clappy Trio 3DS gameplay

Rating Notes


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "Try harder next time."
  • "Work on your fundamentals."
  • "You had trouble keeping the beat."
  • "Your aim was a little shaky."
  • "Next time, follow the example better."


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "You show strong fundamentals."
  • "You had great aim."
  • "You kept the beat well."
  • "You followed the examples well."


Rhythm Item

Laughing Planet

There is no name. There is no title.
Laughing Planet
There is no description.

Skill Star

During the Power Calligraphy segment, you will have to draw this symbol (カ) with full power in right time to collect the star.


  • In the OK epilogue where the guy arrived on another planet (which looks like Earth), there is a mountain from Lush Remix seen in the background.
  • The Sneaky Spirits 2 segment has a cue from Sneaky Spirits 2 (GBA). This is not seen anywhere else in the game.
  • Glee Club & Cheer Readers also appear in their respective Remix 9s.


Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Right-Hand Remix (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix - Right-Hand Remix (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseライトリミックス Right Remix
FR FrenchRemix tour droite
DU GermanRechter-Hand-Remix
ES SpanishRemix Derecho
IT ItalianRemix torre destra
KR Korean오른쪽 리믹스 Right Remix

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