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Rhythm Tengoku Gold Comic (RHYTHM TENGOKU GOLD COMIC Rizumu Tengoku Gōrudo Komikku?), also known as Rhythm Tengoku Gold Special Comic (リズム天国ゴールドスペシャルコミック Rizumu Tengoku Gōrudo Supesharu Komikku?), is a series of short comics based on Rhythm Tengoku Gold, released on the game's official website. Some comics tell the same story as some of the reading material in the game. A similar, longer running series of comics was released later for Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic.


01 リズムにのってはじくの巻き (Flicking to the Rhythm by Maki)

In this comic, a frog is playing alongside a girl and Note. He is having trouble with flicking, prompting the girl to give him some advice. After trying it out, he flicks successfully and is happy about it.

02 リーダーの想いの巻き (Leader's Notes by Maki)

In this comic, the Chorus Kids are trying to sing, but the third one is having trouble. The conductor tells him not to worry about his failures, as he has experienced the same thing before, and advises him to keep calm and listen for the other two. They try singing again. This time, the third sings correctly, and the Chorus Kids celebrate.

03 実験室の放課後の巻き (After school at the Laboratory by Maki)

This comic is about the Research Scientists of Love Lab. The girl is planning on asking her crush to walk home with her. She hears footsteps. Thinking her crush is coming, she jumps out, asking her question, only to see the Mysterious Lab Tech standing in front of her. After this embarrassing attempt, she tries again the next day, this time confessing her love. This time, she accidentally asks DJ Yellow's student (her crush is standing behind him, looking very confused).

04 “ワン”ス アポン ア タイムの巻き ("On"ce Upon a Time by Maki)

This comic shows the Barista as a young puppy in the rain. One day, a human finds him and gives him his red headphones. The dog, despite being shocked by them at first, insists on keeping them. The two stay together for a while, but soon the dog grows up and is left all alone. The last panel shows the Barista sitting in the Café.

The name of this comic is a pun, where the "Wan" part of "Once" is highlighted, which is Japanese onomatopoeia for a dog barking.

05 彼らのダンスがすごい理由の巻き (Why Their Dance is so Awesome by Maki)

In this comic, the Space Dancers are trying to do the Space Dance, but they keep coming up short. Suddenly, what appears to be Space Gramps in Paddler attire comes in to suggest they play table tennis to get back in the groove. They find this method to work, and continue their dancing to much success. Cosmic Girl shows up to say that taking breaks can help bring back one's groove, while Space Gramps says that he wanted to say that.

06 DJ上京物語 その1:ライブ、何時ですか~?の巻き (DJ Going to Tokyo Part 1: What time is it live? by Maki)

In this comic, the student from DJ School is wandering around the city when he suddenly gets knocked over by J.J. Rocker, embarrassing him. As he gets up, he meets the RAPMEN, who give him a poster advertising the Battle of the Bands.

07 DJ上京物語 その2:ゴールデンな体験の巻き (DJ Going to Tokyo Part 2: Golden Experience by Maki)

In this comic, the student goes to Live House OGU, where J.J. Rocker's student, the Tiny Ghosts, and the Pop Singer are performing live. During Pop Singer's performance, one of the amplifiers beats so loud that the monkeys are sent flying, leaving the DJ student in shock.

08 DJ上京物語 その3:レッツ!スクラッチョの巻き (DJ Going to Tokyo Part 3: Let's! Scratch-o by Maki)

In this comic, while the student is trying to watch the performance, he has an encounter with DJ Yellow, who offers him a drink before going live on stage. The student is impressed by DJ Yellow's performance, and later asks him to teach him to be a DJ. As snow begins to fall, they walk off into the city together (as the Barista runs past them in a Christmas hat).

09 にぎやかでおだやかな夜の巻き (A lively and peaceful night by Maki)

In this comic, a character who bears a resemblance to the Contestant is seen leaving the Café. As he's strolling through the night, he looks up at the stars, and the Blastronaut and Play-Yan are in the sky. He walks by the park, where the Güiro Lizards and the Research Scientists of Love Lab are being romantic, Karate Joe and the Munchy Monk are still training, and the Stomp Farmer is picking crops (which is against the rules of the park). He sees the Pop Singer performing on the big screen, then passes by a dance club where DJ Yellow's student can be seen on the record as a Monkey, a couple of Space Kickers, a frog and the young lady from Glass Tappers are dancing. The boy walks past T.J. Snapper, who is taking pictures of a fancy car, and his girlfriend. Finally the boy returns home, where he is greeted by some robots. The comic ends with the boy watching the Chorus Kids in Christmas hats sing on TV.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Rizumu Tengoku Gōrudo Komikku
Rizumu Tengoku Gōrudo Supesharu Komikku
Rhythm Tengoku Gold Comic
Rhythm Tengoku Gold Special Comic
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