Rhythm Tengoku (リズム天国 Rhythm Tengoku?) is an arcade port of Rhythm Tengoku for the Game Boy Advance. It was developed by Nintendo and published by SEGA. It was released on September 20, 2007 in Japan.


SEGA approached the development team with an offer for an arcade version as the game was popular with SEGA staff. Osawa and Ko Takeuchi, who initialy thought it was a joke, were impressed, as they never thought Rhythm Tengoku was able to gain a following.[1]


Players start the game with two hearts. Each heart is lost when starting a Rhythm Game. Getting a Superb or Perfect gives an extra heart, as well as close the game for the rest of the Stage. If the player runs out of hearts, they will need to spend a credit to continue (or, depending on the machine's settings, multiple credits, or none if set to Freemode). The player needs to clear all five games and the Remix in the Stage with at least an OK to move on. Depending on the settings, the Remix may be unselectable, requiring the player to clear all the games in order to play it.

Rhythm Games

All of the Rhythm Games from Rhythm Tengoku are available in the 1 Player (1人で遊ぶ 1-Ri de Asobu?) mode. The arcade version has an Extra stage as well. A selection of games are also present in the 2 Player mode.

1 Player

"1 Player
It's a mode for one player

Karateka Rhythm Datsumo Marcher Air Batter Pachi Pachi Sanninshu Remix 1
Karate Man GBA.PNG Vegeta-Pull.PNG Marcher Card.PNG Spaceball Card.PNG The Clappy Tiro.PNG Remix 1 Card.PNG
Shiroi Obake Iai Giri Kossori Rat Baikin Hakase The☆Bon Odori Remix 2
Yak Yak Yak REKT.PNG Sammy slice.PNG Cheesey Heist.PNG Back Teria.PNG Bon Odori.PNG Remix 2.PNG
Mahou Tsukai Showtime Usagi Tobi Tram to Poline Space Dance Remix 3
Wizard's Faults.PNG Showtime.PNG Do the Bunny Hop.PNG Trampauline.PNG Space Dance.PNG Remix 3 (GBA).PNG
Quiz Night Walk Rhythm o Shuji Polyrhythm Rap Men Remix 4
Quiz.PNG Night Walk.PNG Power Calligraphy.PNG Hilt To Scalllleee.PNG RAPMEN.PNG Remix 4 GBA.PNG
Hopping Road Ninja Toss Boys Hanabi Tap Dance Remix 5
Hopping Road.PNG Ninja.png Toss boys title.png The Fireworks.PNG Tap Trial.PNG Remix 5.PNG
Bari Bari Sanninshu Bon Dance Cosmo Dance Rap Women Super Tap Remix 6
Trio on Tour.PNG The Bon Dance.PNG Cosmo Dance.png Rapwomen.PNG Turbo Tap Trial.png Remix 6.PNG
Karateka 2 Rhythm Datsumo 2 Ninja no Shison Night Walk 2 Marcher 2 Remix 7
Karate Man GBA.PNG Vegeta-Pull.PNG Ninja Reincarnate.png Night Walk.PNG Marcher 2.PNG Remix 7 GBA.PNG
Hopping Road 2 Toss Boys 2 Polyrhythm 2 Air Batter 2 Shiroi Obake 2 Remix 8
Hopping Road.PNG Toss Boys 2.PNG Hilt To Scalllleee.PNG Spaceball Card.PNG Yak Yak Yak REKT.PNG Remix 8 GBA.PNG
Karateka TempoUpExtra1.png Rhythm Datsumo TempoUpExtra2.png Marcher TempoUpExtra3.png Air Batter TempoUpExtra4.png Pachi Pachi Sanninshu TempoUpExtra5.png Extra Remix TempoUpExtra6.png
Karate Man Tempo Up title.png Vegeta-Pull Tempo Up title.png Marcher Tempo Up title.png Air Batter Tempo Up title.png CPTU.png Remix 1 Tempo Up.png

2 Player

"2 Player
It's a mode for two players

Karateka 2P Rhythm Datsumo 2P Marcher 2P Air Batter 2P
Karate Man GBA.PNG Vegeta-Pull.PNG Marcher Card.PNG Spaceball Card.PNG
Shiroi Obake 2P Kossori Rat 2P Usagi Tobi 2P The☆Bon Odori 2P
Yak Yak Yak REKT.PNG Cheesey Heist.PNG Do the Bunny Hop.PNG Bon Odori.PNG
Space Dance 2P Rhythm o Shuji 2P Ninja 2P Tap Dance 2P
Space Dance.PNG Power Calligraphy.PNG Ninja.png Tap Trial.PNG
Karateka 2 2P Rhythm Datsumo 2 2P Cosmo Dance 2P Marcher 2 2P
Karate Man GBA.PNG Vegeta-Pull.PNG Cosmo Dance.png Marcher 2.PNG
Shiroi Obake 2 2P Ninja no Shison 2P Air Batter 2 2P Super Tap 2P
Yak Yak Yak REKT.PNG Ninja Reincarnate.png Spaceball Card.PNG Turbo Tap Trial.png
Karateka 2P TempoUpExtra1.png Rhythm Datsumo 2P TempoUpExtra2.png Marcher 2P TempoUpExtra3.png Air Batter 2P TempoUpExtra4.png
Karate Man Tempo Up title.png Vegeta-Pull Tempo Up title.png Marcher Tempo Up title.png Air Batter Tempo Up title.png


Ninja Bodyguard Arcade.png

  • Ninja Bodyguard and Ninja no Shison use the Left and Right buttons, instead of ✚ and Ⓐ. The arrows above the player are changed accordingly.
  • If the player has played perfectly for the first half of a Rhythm Game, the "Go for a Perfect!" notice will appear on the bottom of the screen. Obtaining it is little different from a Superb, however.
  • The game has a leaderboard feature, tallying up the score based on the player's flow at the end of a stage.
  • The resolution is larger, and the graphics are manually upscaled to appear smoother. Most non-gameplay graphics are higher quality as well.




  • This is one of the very few games developed by Nintendo and SEGA.
  • This was playable in Hyper Japan 2016 in London.
  • This is the first game in the series to have a Two Player mode.

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