Rhythm Tengoku
リズム天国 Rhythm Tengoku
256px-Rhythm tengoku boxart
Developer(s) Nintendo SPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Game Boy Advance
Release Date JP August 3, 2006
CERO:CERO A - All ages
Mode Singleplayer
Music Games 48 (plus Concert Hall)
Previous N/A
Next Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Tengoku (リズム天国 Rhythm Heaven?) is a rhythm game developed by Nintendo SPD. It was only released in Japan on August 3, 2006, and also the last game Nintendo had developed for the Game Boy Advance. This is the first installment of the Rhythm Heaven Series. An arcade version was co-developed by Sega.



Gameplay of Polyrhythm

The core gameplay of all of the minigames is based on rhythm. Every minigame has its own set of rules.

Rhythm Games

Rhythm Games is the main core of Rhythm Tengoku. The object of this mode is to unlock each rhythm game, or mini-game, by achieving a decent score based on how well the player kept in the rhythm of the previous one. After unlocking and completing the first five games, a Remix will appear that combines previous games, usually those featured in the last Stage. Once the remix is completed, the next game will be unlocked as well as four other games waiting to be unlocked in its Stage and so forth. Stage 6 has a twist where each of the minigames are rearranged versions of the last minigame of each Stage before it. After that, there are two more Stages with harder versions of other minigames.

Once a "Superb" rank is achieved on a rhythm game, a chance to go for a "Perfect" will be available at random times. Other things can also be accessed in this mode during game progression such as the Café, Drumming Lessons and Rhythm Toys. Everything unlockable in these areas can be obtained by earning Medals or achieving perfects.

List of Rhythm Games

Karate Man Rhythm Tweezers Marching Orders Spaceball The Clappy Trio Remix 1
Karate Man GBA Vegeta-Pull Marcher Card Spaceball Card The Clappy Tiro Remix 1 Card
Sneaky Spirits Iai Giri Rat Race Sick Beats The★Bon Odori Remix 2
Yak Yak Yak REKT Sammy slice Cheesey Heist Back Teria Bon Odori Remix 2
Mahou Tsukai Showtime Bunny Hop Toran to Porin Space Dance Remix 3
Wizard's Faults Showtime Do the Bunny Hop Trampauline Space Dance Remix 3 (GBA)
Quiz Show Night Walk Power Calligraphy Polyrhythm Rap Men Remix 4
Quiz Night Walk Power Calligraphy Hilt To Scalllleee RAPMEN Remix 4 GBA
Bouncy Road Ninja Bodyguard Toss Boys Hanabi Tap Trial Remix 5
Hopping Road Ninja Toss boys title The Fireworks Tap Trial Remix 5
The Snappy Trio Bon Dance Cosmic Dance Rap Women Tap Trial 2 Remix 6
Trio on Tour The Bon Dance Cosmo Dance Rapwomen Turbo Tap Trial Remix 6

After Remix 6 is cleared, the Credits roll and harder mini games are unlocked.

Karate Man 2 Rhythm Tweezers 2 Ninja no Shison Night Walk 2 Marching Orders 2 Remix 7
Karate Man GBA Vegeta-Pull Ninja Reincarnate Night Walk Marcher 2 Remix 7 GBA
Bouncy Road 2 Toss Boys 2 Polyrhythm 2 Spaceball 2 Sneaky Spirits 2 Remix 8
Hopping Road Toss Boys 2 Hilt To Scalllleee Spaceball Card Yak Yak Yak REKT Remix 8 GBA

Rhythm Test

Rhythm Test

Rhythm Test is a rerun of the very beginning of the game where the player can test their rhythm again anytime.


Options is a place where the player can change their sound preference to "stereo" (for headphones or DS speakers) or "mono" (for GBA speakers), or delete all of their saved game data.


  • This is the first ever rhythm game to have multiple gameplay styles.
  • This is the only Rhythm Heaven game to have 6 games in each Stage.
    • This is also the only game to not have a variant of Munchy Monk.
  • The Trial Version of Rhythm Tengoku reminds the player of the price of the game in all 3 games that you could play. The price is 3,800 yen, which is 33.53$ in USD.
  • The demo of Rhythm Tengoku lets you play the Rhythm Test, Karate Man, The Clappy Trio, and Rhythm Tweezers.

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