Rhythm Rockets
ロケットゼロ Roketto Zero
Rocket Zero 2
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Genderless
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Rhythm Rockets are miniature rockets that appeared in Launch Party from Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Physical Appearance

There are four models of the rockets presented in Launch Party. Together, they are launched into space to complete special missions. In the game, their goal is to make contact with an alien life-form.

Rhythm Rocket #1 Family Model

Rhythm Rocket 1

This cheerful red-and-white rocket is well balanced and suited for all sorts of uses. It counts down from 3, at the rate of one number per beat.

Rhythm Rocket #2 Party Cracker Model

Rhythm Rocket 2

This one starts the party with a fun sound and has no confetti to clean up. It has blue-and-white stripes and it's shaped like a party hat. It counts down from 5 at a fast pace.

Rhythm Rocket #3 Bell Model

Rhythm Rocket 3

This lovely white rocket with a green stripe launches with a clear chime. It's said to be ideal for weddings and other celebrations. It counts down from 7, at a very fast pace. It's the fastest rocket out of all the other three models.

Rhythm Rocket #4 Bowling Model

Rhythm Rocket 4

For the frustrated bowler in all of us, this exuberant white rocket with gray legs delivers the satisfying sound of a perfect strike! It counts down from 1 at a very slow pace. It's the slowest rocket of the bunch.


Launch Party's perfect reward, Rhythm Rockets, says that they're designed to make outer space voyages fun and memorable. It describes the rockets in a similar manner to how this article describes them above. 

In Launch Party, the player's goal is to help launch the rockets into space. 


The rockets test the player's patience and reaction time. The player must quickly react to which rocket is about to be launched and adjust their timing accordingly.



  • One of the Rhythm Rockets, the Bowling Model, resembles Orbulon, a character from WarioWare series who was made by the same creators who made Rhythm Heaven series.

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