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Rhythm Heaven Megamix Demo
リズム天国ザ・ベスト+ 体験版 Rhythm Tengoku: The Best + Taikenhan
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Date US June 15th 2016
Flag of Europe September 2nd 2016
Flag of Australia September 2nd 2016
Ratings N/A
Mode Single Player, Multiplayer
Music Games 5 (2 exclusive to the Challenge Train)
Previous Rhythm Heaven Fever
Next Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The demo for Rhythm Heaven Megamix was released on June 15th, 2016 in North America, along with the full release of Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The demo was also released on September 2nd, 2016 in Europe & Australia. The demo includes limited versions of 2 Modes of the full release's Rhythm Games and Challenge Train.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix Demo Gameplay

Rhythm Heaven Megamix Demo Gameplay

Rhythm Games

The Try Rhythm Games! section includes 4 full rhythm games and 1 practice for a rhythm game.

These games are:

There is practice, but no full game for:

In the end, regardless of what rating you get, the rating screen will be the same, saying "Try Out Rhythm Heaven Megamix!". In the European version however, it says "I Hope You Had Fun!", along with a very happy Tibby in the picture.

Challenge Mode

In challenge mode, you board the Challenge Train. Even though it gives you the option to play solo, you can play with other people who have the demo too.

There are 3 Challenge Trains:

Challenge level 1

Challenge level 2

Challenge level 3

  • LumBEARjack (Tempo Up)
  • Karate Man (Tempo Up)
  • Rhythm Rally (Tempo Up)


  • Karate Man & Tongue Lashing are in Challenge Mode, even though they are not playable on their own.

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