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Rhythm Heaven Megamix
リズム天国ザ・ベスト+プラス Rhythm Tengoku: The Best+Plus

Rhythm Heaven Megamix logo

Megamix EU Boxart



Developer(s) Nintendo SPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Date JP June 11, 2015
US June 16, 2016*
Flag of Europe October 21, 2016
Flag of Australia October 22, 2016
KR December 1, 2016
ESRB:ESRB E - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 7 - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO A - All ages
USK:USK 0 - All ages
Mode Single player, Multiplayer
Music Games 108 (plus challenges and co-op)
Previous Rhythm Heaven Fever
Next N/A

Rhythm Heaven Megamix (リズム天国ザ・ベスト+プラス Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus) also known as Rhythm Paradise Megamix in Europe, and Rhythm World: The Best+Plus (리듬 세상 더 베스트+플러스) in Korea, is the fourth game in the Rhythm Heaven Series. It was released on June 11th, 2015 in Japan; June 16th, 2016 in the west during the E3 announcement; October 21st, 2016 in Europe; October 22nd, 2016 in Australia; and on December 1st, 2016 in South Korea.

This game includes 70 minigames from the previous three Rhythm Heaven games, 20 new minigames, and 10 remixes.

Main Game

Whats That
In the single player mode of the game, the player helps a character named Tibby get back to Heaven World 天の国 (Ten no Kuni, a pun on 天国 tengoku?) (mispelled as "Hevven World" by Tibby) by completing various rhythm games and restoring the flow. On his way, he meets various characters, such as Boondog, Dieter, Shep, Donna, Hairold, Eglantine, Trey, Bertram, Betty, & Phillip, who guide him through their various lands; as well as the Gatekeeper Trio, which consists of Saffron, Saltwater, and Paprika.

Challenge Land

Challenge Land is a new feature in Megamix. Here, the player may board the Challenge Train, where the player must beat a series of minigames, usually with modified rules and tempo. Additionally, if the Perfect Campaign is up, it can be challenged here. Challenge Land becomes playable once the player clears the Lush Tower.

List of Rhythm Games

The majority of games appear in Story Mode, where they are grouped into sets of four; one Rhythm Tengoku game, one Rhythm Heaven game, one Rhythm Heaven Fever game, and one new game.

(Games marked with "[Prequel]" are new versions of previous rhythm games, and are considerably easier than their predecessors. Games marked with "[Original]" are the original versions of the rhythm game from their respective Rhythm Heaven title. Games marked with "[Sequel]" are a sequel to the ORIGINAL game, not a prequel. Games not marked at all have no brand-new prequel, nor sequel.)

Honeybee Land

Karate Man [Prequel] Fillbots [Prequel] Air Rally [Prequel] Catchy Tune
Story karate man Story fillbots Story air rally Story Jumping Road

Machine Land

Rhythm Tweezers [Prequel] Glee Club [Prequel] Figure Fighter [Prequel] Fruit Basket
Story rhythm epilation Story glee club Story figure fighter Story slam dunked

First Gate

Coin Toss Coin toss 3ds

Citrus Land

The Clappy Trio [Prequel] Shoot-'em-up [Prequel] Micro-Row [Prequel] First Contact
Story the clappy trio Story shoot em up Story micro row Story interpreter

Donut Land

Bunny Hop Airboarder Exhibition Match Tongue Lashing
Rabbit jump 3ds Airboarder 3ds Exhibition match 3ds Chameleon Stick 3DS

Second Gate

Sick Beats
Doctor bacteria 3ds

Barbershop Land

Sneaky Spirits [Prequel] Rhythm Rally [Prequel] Flipper-Flop [Prequel] LumBEARjack
Story sneaky spirits Story Rhythm Rally title Story Flipper-Flop title Wild Woodwork title

Songbird Land

Power Calligraphy Blue Birds Flock Step Super Samurai Slice
Power Calligraphy 3DS title Blue Birds title 3DS Flock Step 3DS Samurai Slice 3DS

Third Gate

Charging Chicken
Chicken Race

Lush Tower

Spaceball Dog Ninja Hole in One Sumo Brothers Lush Remix
Air Batter Title Dog Ninja title 3DS Hole in One 3DS Sumology title Forest Remix Title

After the Lush Tower is cleared, the credits roll and Tibby attempts to return to Heaven World, only to crash back down. More minigames also become available.

Honeybee Tower

Karate Man Returns! [Original] Fillbots 2 [Original] Air Rally 2 [Original] Catchy Tune 2 [Sequel] Honeybee Remix
Return of karate man Return of fillbots Return of air rally Return of jumping road Bee Remix

Machine Tower

Rhythm Tweezers 2 [Original] Glee Club 2 [Original] Figure Fighter 2 [Original] Fruit Basket 2 [Sequel] Machine Remix
Return of rhythm epilation Return of Glee Club Return of figure fighter Return of Slam Dunked Machine Remix

Citrus Tower

The Clappy Trio 2 [Original] Shoot-'em-up 2 [Original] Micro-Row 2 [Original] Second Contact [Sequel] Citrus Remix
Return of the clappy trio Return of shoot-'em-up Return of micro-row Return of Interpreter Orange Remix

Donut Tower

Rat Race Fan Club Working Dough Animal Acrobat Donut Remix
Cheese Heist title 3DS Fanclub title 3DS Working Dough 3DS Midair Trapeze Donut Remix

Barbershop Tower

Sneaky Spirits 2 [Original] Rhythm Rally 2 [Original] Flipper-Flop 2 [Original] LumBEARjack 2 [Sequel] Barbershop Remix
Return of Sneaky Spirits Return of Rhythm Rally Return of Flipper-Flop Return of Wild Woodwork Fashion Remix

Songbird Tower

Tap Trial Frog Hop Ringside Tangotronic 3000 Songbird Remix
Tap Trial 3DS Frog Hop Title 3DS Ringside 3DS title Waltz-a-Tron title Bird Remix

After the six towers are cleared, the credits roll again and Tibby makes it back to Heaven World, but something is wrong when he arrives. Also, more minigames get unlocked.

Star Land

Ninja Bodyguard Freeze Frame Launch Party Pajama Party
Ninja title 3DS Freeze Frame title 3DS Launch Party 3DS title Pajamas title

Comet Land

Marching Orders Munchy Monk See-Saw Blue Bear
Marcher title 3DS Munchy Monk title 3DS See-Saw 3DS title Teddy Bear title

Planet Land

Space Dance Lockstep Cheer Readers Kitties!
Space Dance title 3DS Lockstep title Cheer Readers 3DS title Neko Clap Title

Fourth Gate

Clap Trap
Clap Trap title

Left-Hand Tower

The Snappy Trio [Sequel] Fan Club 2 [Sequel] Figure Fighter 3 [Sequel] Jungle Gymnast [Sequel] Left-Hand Remix
Trio on Tour 3DS title Fan Club 2 3DS Figure Champion title Midair Trapeze 2 title Left Remix

Right-Hand Tower

Tap Trial 2 [Sequel] Jumpin' Jazz [Sequel] Hole in One 2 [Sequel] Super Samurai Slice 2 [Sequel] Right-Hand Remix
Turbo Tap Trial 3DS title Frog Night title Hole in One Lady title Samurai Slice 2 3DS title Right Remix

Tibby's Mom

Cosmic Dance [Sequel] Cosmic Rhythm Rally [Sequel] Working Dough 2 [Sequel] Karate Man Senior Final Remix
Cosmo Dance 3DS title Cosmo Rally title Working Dough Origins title Karate Man's Father title Final Remix


In the cafe you can play with your Rhythm Toys, buy Rhythm Items, CD's and extra games with Flow Balls and visit the Museum.

Shop Games

Shop games act like extra games from Rhythm Heaven Fever, but instead of unlocking them with Medals, they must be bought from the shop owned by Saffron with Flow Balls found by playing Challenge Land's Perfect Campaign and Challenge Train. All shop games are returning minigames from the previous games in the series. Some of them can be played on the Challenge Train even before they are bought.

List of Shop Games

Shop No. 1

Bouncy Road Night Walk Quiz Show
Hopping Road 3DS Night Walk 3DS Quiz 3DS

Shop No. 2

The Dazzles Big Rock Finish Karate Man Kicks!
Dazzles 3DS Big Rock Finish title 3DS Karate Man Kick

Shop No. 3

Built to Scale Double Date Catch of the Day
Built to Scale Wii 3DS Double Date 3DS Catch of the Day 3DS

Shop No. 4

Fork Lifter Love Rap Bossa Nova
Fork Lifter 3DS title Love Rap 3DS Bossa Nova 3DS

Shop No. 5

Screwbot Factory Board Meeting Samurai Slice
Screwbot Factory 3DS Board Meeting 3DS Samurai Slice Wii 3DS

Shop No. 6

Packing Pests Monkey Watch Karate Man Combos!
Packing Pests 3DS Monkey Watch 3DS Karate Man Combo

Endless Games

Endless Games return in Megamix, which includes one game from each installment, and a new one of its own. They are unlocked by completing all three challenges on that game's gate, after which the endless version will be available in the Museum.

Rhythm Toys

Rhythm Toys return, but in a slightly different format. Unlike with Rhythm Toys in past games, the Rhythm Toys that appear in this game are constantly checked on for various reasons throughout the playthrough of the game, and are not accessible until you clear the Lush Tower.

List of Rhythm Toys


Whenever you get tagged by another player, the Cafe icon will display Barista, hinting that another player has tagged you. For each player you tagged, displays the player's Mii, number of Flow, and Favorite Rhythm Game, just like the rest of the characters. You also battle each of the players you tagged through Figure Fighter VS.

Missing Games

While most games returned in Megamix, 24 didn't make the cut. The following are the games from past incarnations of Rhythm Heaven that did not return for Megamix. (Sequels whose prequel is in Megamix are written in bold. Remixes, Endless Games and Two-Player Games aren't listed.) Many of these sequels have new patterns or new cues, which also exist in Megamix, but are never used. It is debatable how many of these were actually intended to appear in the game or were simply leftover data from the porting process.

From Rhythm Tengoku

From Rhythm Tengoku (Arcade)

From Rhythm Heaven

From Rhythm Heaven Fever

Scrapped New Games

In the debug menu of the game and other sources, we can see even more games were intended to be included, but for one reason or another were scrapped.[2]


This game has received a review of 34/40 on Famitsu.

According to a report, this game sold over 500,000 copies in Japan by the end of 2015. [3].

As of February 2016, the total sales in Japan reached 650,000 copies.

This game is known to be favorable on MetaCritic with an avarage score of 83.


  • There is a challenge train set called "Wario...Where?", where many characters from the minigames are replaced with WarioWare characters. This is due to both series being created by the same developers.
  • This is the first game to not include any of Tsunku's songs in the new Rhythm Games.
  • This is the first game to not introduce a whole new Build to Scale game.
  • This game currently holds the record for the most Rhythm games in it, due to the games being from every game in the series.
  • When this game was talked about at the E3 2016, #RhythmHeaven quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.
  • During the real credits, the following things and characters from various games can be seen.
  • Ashley makes a cameo in the café as a doll.
  • The minigames at gates and towers are lined up by their game from oldest to newest (for example in the Lush Tower: First is Spaceball from Rhythm Tengoku, then Dog Ninja from Rhythm Heaven, then Hole in One from Rhythm Heaven Fever and finally the new one - Sumo Brothers).
  • While using simple tap, it shows a character when tapping. This is a reference to Rhythm Heaven.
  • This the first game in the series to have threequels included.
  • It is notable that almost all of the title cards in most of the international versions of the game all use a small handful of font styles, and are rather simplistic compared to the more artistic and unique title cards in the Japanese version and Rhythm Heaven Fever.
    • This is noble in Rhythm Rally 1, 2, & Cosmic; Marching Orders; Catchy Tune 1 & 2; Super Samurai Slice 2; Built to Scale; Packing Pests; Micro-Row 1 & 2; Working Dough 1 & 2; Screwbot Factory; Monkey Watch; and various other minigames from Rhythm Heaven Fever.
  • The only title card to be fully changed from the Japanese version is Karate Man Combos!.
  • This game has a few leftover/placeholder songs from Rhythm Heaven Fever.
  • The announcer in this game is also voiced by Marianna DeFazio, who also voiced the announcer in Rhythm Heaven Fever.



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