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Rhythm Heaven (リズム天国ゴールド Rhythm Tengoku Gold?), known as Rhythm Paradise in Europe and 리듬 세상 (Rideum Sesang Rhythm World?) in Korea, is the second game in the Rhythm Heaven Series, released for the Nintendo DS on July 31, 2008 in Japan, April 5, 2009 in North America, May 1, 2009 in Europe and September 24, 2009 in South Korea.

It was developed by Nintendo SPD1 and most of the music was composed by Japanese producer/singer Tsunku. It was the first game in the Rhythm Heaven Series to be released outside of Japan.


The game is meant to be played by holding the Nintendo DS sideways. Left-handers have an option to change the position of the visual gameplay to allow easier playing. The game primarily uses the touch screen.


Rhythm Heaven's development "wasn't easy" for the staff. Osawa didn't like the idea of using buttons, so he considered a control mechanic that involved the Touch Screen. The ability to touch the edge of the Touch Screen was considered, but was determined to be too difficult.

The Flick action took the staff a "little getting used to" as they had to make it feel "fair" to the player until they realised that if flicking was combined with the music it would give the players a "good sense of timing". The Flick action took them about "two to three months" to research and "six months" to eventually adapt the control into Rhythm Heaven.[1] Tsunku really liked the idea of the Flick action regardless of the long time to adapt. At that time, he thought of the idea for Frog Hop, which became one of the very first games to be made for Rhythm Heaven.[2]


The controls for Rhythm Heaven, just like every other game in the series, are very basic. There are four main mechanics used, both for all of the mini games available to play and just getting around the game itself. These controls are tapping, holding, sliding and flicking, in addition to the L/R buttons that are used in exclusively Rockers 2. The start button is used to pause during a mini game.

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Rhythm Heaven Demo Version

Rhythm Heaven Demo Version (リズム天国ゴールド体験版[3] Rhythm Tengoku Gold Taikenhan?), also known as Rhythm Paradise Demo Version in Europe, is a stripped down version of the game for demo purposes. One version of the demo was playable at kiosks, while the other version could be downloaded through the Nintendo Channel's DS Download Service and through the DS Download Station.


In the kiosk version, the game starts with a seizure warning screen, followed by the game's title screen (with "Demo Version" added to the logo), and starting the game goes directly to Practice Flicking (which can be skipped), after which the player goes to the Game Select, with only the first Rhythm Game available.

Curiously, clearing Built to Scale unlocks both Glee Club and Fillbots at once, after which both must be cleared to unlock Fan Club. The Game Select also has a padlock for Remix 1, which is inaccessible.

After completing all the Rhythm Games, The Bandleader shows up to say that this is all the demo includes, and the game returns to the title screen.


When starting up the DS Download version, the game asks the player if they are "Left or Right?"-handed. After the choice is made, the player meets The Bandleader who first thanks the player for downloading the demo, after which they are taken to Practice Flicking (which can be skipped), and then they are taken directly to the first Rhythm Game. After each game, The Bandleader shows up to comment on the rating. If the player got OK or higher, they move on to the next game, without the Game Select.

After completing all the Rhythm Games, The Bandleader shows up to say that this is all the demo includes, and it returns to the "Left or Right?" question.

Although the player can obtain Medals in both versions, the Medal Corner is never unlocked.

In both versions, all epilogues are replaced with one thanking the player for playing the game (all of which play the "OK" jingle). It depicts the Girl next to the game's boxart. The text differs between the US.svg and UK.svg versions.


Rhythm Heaven received fairly positive reviews. Official Nintendo Magazine gave this game 82% for it's "hilarious games" and "superb soundtrack" but it was marred of it's length.[4] Jeremy Parish of 1UP.com gave this game a B+ as a "must-play experience" but felt forced to make use of the touch screen.[5] Craig Harris of IGN gave the game an "Amazing" rating of 9.0 for being "off-the-wall" and "incredibly fun and addictive" but criticized the "awful lyrics" in songs.[6] This game is known to be favorable on Metacritic, with an average score of 84.[7]


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese リズム天国ゴールド
Rhythm Tengoku Gold
Rhythm Heaven Gold
US.svg English Rhythm Heaven
UK.svg UK English Rhythm Paradise
FR.svg French Rhythm Paradise
DU.svg German Rhythm Paradise
IT.svg Italian Rhythm Paradise
ES.svg Spanish Rhythm Paradise
NL.svg Dutch Rhythm Paradise[8]
PT.svg Portuguese Rhythm Paradise[9]
KR.svg Korean 리듬 세상
Lideum Sesang
Rhythm World


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