Rhythm Games are the main feature of each Rhythm Heaven installment. After the player gets past the Rhythm Test, the first Rhythm Game is available to play. These games can be played with the goal of pressing the A button (or other forms of input) to the beat of the music, the timing depending on the cues of each game. After reaching the end of the game, the player receives a ranking depending on their performance. If the player gets an OK, Just OK, (Part of OK) or a Superb, they will unlock the next game. If the player gets a Superb, they also earn a Medal, and the game will allow them to go for a Perfect. After four games (or five games in Rhythm Tengoku), there is a Remix containing those games. Some Rhythm Games also appear as Endless Games. Some games are also available as Two-Player Games. Airboarder and Night Walk are referred to as "Credits Games", as they contain the credits for their respective installment. Four of the Rhythm Games in Rhythm Tengoku also appear as Extra Games in Rhythm Heaven Fever. Neither the Credits Games nor the Extra Games award Medals or Perfects, however.

List of Games

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