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Rhythm Games (リズムゲーム Rizumu Gēmu?), informally known as Minigames[1] or just games, are the main feature of each installment in the Rhythm Heaven Series.


After the player gets past the Introduction, the first rhythm game is available to play. These games can be played with buttons (or sometimes tap controls) to the beat of the music, the timing depending on each game. Most games allow the player to Practice before diving into the real thing, which can be skipped. The player can pause the game and quit at any time. In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, they also have the option to start over, instead of quitting and reopening the game all over again.

After reaching the end of the game, the player receives a rank depending on their performance. If the player gets at least an OK, they unlock the next game. If the player gets a Superb, they also earn a Medal, and the game will be eligible for a Perfect Campaign. After the clearing of a game, the player's Flow score is recalculated based on their performance, though it doesn't impact the game in any way[2]. Each game is part of a stage, which usually ends with a Remix containing the games from the respective stage. Rhythm Tengoku contains five games per stage and a Remix[3][4][5], Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Heaven Fever contain four games per stage and a Remix[6], while Rhythm Heaven Megamix has several lands with four games each, and towers containing four games and a Remix, all still collectively referred to as stages[7].

In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, rhythm games are part of the story, where the player and Tibby must clear them in order to restore the flow to each Land and Tower they visit. The player's flow serves as a mark of progress in this game, and is integral to the story[8]. It does not get calculated based on the player's recent performance, instead it simply shows the player's average score across all rhythm games. It also impacts the difficulty in Figure Fighter VS. There are 18 rhythm games available only in the Shop, where they can only be purchased with Flow Balls. Playing all games is commemorated with a Badge.


Epilogue GBA Marcher 2 OK.png

Some rhythm games have modified versions. While these are not given a catch-all name within the games, for the purposes of the Rhythm Heaven Wiki, these are dubbed "versions", derived from internal data in Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix, where the graphics files for these are stored in folders labeled "ver0", "ver1" and so on, or "ver_long", "ver_arrange" and such. The internal data for Rhythm Heaven Megamix is used to label the following versions as such:

Lore-wise, each version can be seen as a part of the general story to a rhythm game; for example, most Arrange versions are presented as a sequel to the story shown in the Long version. Meanwhile, the story seen in the Short versions is shown to lead in to that of the Long version, making it a prequel.

Other Versions

There are other versions a game can have, though most of them are internally labeled the same as what the Long versions are in their respective games. These don't award Medals or Perfects.

The Endless Games in Rhythm Heaven Megamix first appear as a challenge given by the Gatekeeper Trio, who offer three trials of varying difficulty. Clearing all of these trials unlocks the Endless Game proper at the Museum.

  • 初級 (Beginner?): The internal name given to the Saffron Trial of each game.
  • 中級 (Intermediate?): The internal name given to the Saltwater Trial of each game.
  • 上級 (Advanced?): The internal name given to the Paprika Trial of each game.

List of Rhythm Games

See also: List of Scrapped Rhythm Games

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP.svg Japanese リズムゲーム
Rizumu Gēmu
Rhythm Game
US.svg English Rhythm Game
FR.svg French Mini-jeux Mini-games
DU.svg German Rhythmusspiele Rhythm game
IT.svg Italian Minigiochi Minigames
ES.svg Spanish Minijuego Minigame
NL.svg Dutch Minigames[9][10]
Rhythm games
PT.svg Portuguese Jogos de ritmo[12][13][14] Rhythm games
RU.svg Russian Ритмические игры[15]
Ritmicheskiye igry
Rhythm games
KR.svg Korean 리듬 게임
Lideum Geim
Rhythm Game


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