"Time to mix things up!
At high speed, no less!

(And no practice for you!)
— Remix 8 Description

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8th Remix
Remix 8



Rhythm Heaven

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Character Profiles 2 (reading material)

Remix 8 is the 40th game in Rhythm Heaven. This remix has a dark vibe and focuses on speed.

List of Games

Rhythm Rally 2 Dog Ninja Drummer Duel Fillbots Lockstep 2
Rhythm Rally Remix 8 Dog Ninja Remix 8 Drummel Duel Remix 8 left Fillbots Lockstep Remix 8
Freeze Frame Karate Man Munchy Monk Blue Birds
Freeze Frame Remix 8 Karate Man Remix 8 Munchy Monk Remix 8 Blue Birds

Rating Notes


  • "Rhythm League notes:"

Try Again

  • "Try a little harder."


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "That was really great!"



  • This remix is massively hated by many players due to its high speed and difficulty.
  • Parodies of this remix exist on NicoNico, and some of them have been re-uploaded to YouTube.
  • The tempo slightly increases at the end of the remix during the Rhythm Rally 2/Dog Ninja segment.
  • Despite the main focus on speed, this does not have the highest tempo in the game. That goes to Remix 4 instead, with an astounding tempo of 222 Beats per Minute.
  • Dog Ninja is the only game in the remix with unique visuals.
  • The rating screens for this remix are based on the game Ninja Bodyguard from Rhythm Tengoku.
  • In Rhythm World (The Korean Version), in the Try Again rating screen, the police were aesthetically stylized in a Korean way. Their clothing made them look more like "pojol" (Korean police during the Chosun period).
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Rhythm Heaven - Remix 8 (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven - Remix 8 (Perfect) (English)-0

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