"It's time to mix things up!
Time to put all your skills
together and show us what
you've learned!
(And no practice for you!)
— Remix 10 Description

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10th Remix
Remix 10



Rhythm Heaven

Game Number



The Rhythm League

Remix 10 is the 50th and final game in Rhythm Heaven. This remix contains all twenty-four of the rhythm games in one, including the credits game Airboarder. Completing it gives the player access to Battle of the Bands.

List of Games

Karate Man Moai Doo-Wop Crop Stomp Built to Scale The Dazzles
Karate Man Remix 8 Moia Doo-Wop Gameplay Crop Stomp Remix 10 Built to Scale Gameplay Dazzles DS
Love Lab Love Lizards Splashdown Rhythm Rally Rockers
Love Lab Remix 10 Love Lizard gameplay Splashdown gameplay Rhythm Rally gameplay Rockers Remix 10
Blue Birds Space Soccer Shoot-'Em-Up Lockstep Fan Club
Blue Birds Space Soccer Remix 10 Shoot-'Em-Up Remix 10 Lockstep gameplay Fan Club Remix 10
Airboarder Glee Club Fillbots Munchy Monk Drummer Duel
Airboarder Remix 10 Glee Club Remix 10 Fillbots Munchy Monk gameplay Drummel Duel Remix 8 right
Frog Hop Big Rock Finish Freeze Frame DJ School Dog Ninja
Frog Hop Big Rock Finish Remix 10 Freeze Frame Remix 8 DJ School Remix 10 Dog Ninja
Karate Man
Karate Man Remix 8

Rating Notes


  • "Rhythm League notes:"

Try Again

  • "Try a little harder."


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "That was really great!"


Gameplay Video

Rhythm Heaven - Remix 10 (Perfect) (English)-0

Rhythm Heaven - Remix 10 (Perfect) (English)-0

Final Rhythm Heaven


  • This game started the tradition of putting a remix with all the games as the last rhythm game. Rhythm Tengoku did it first, but it was on Remix 6, whereas Rhythm Heaven's and Rhythm Heaven Fever's are on Remix 10.
  • The game's Rating Screens introduced Rhythm Heaven as a place, though it would go unnamed. The place would appear many times in Rhythm Heaven Fever as cameos.
  • The rating screens for this game influenced the rating screens for Remix 7 in Rhythm Heaven Fever, including the appearance of Rhythm Heaven.
  • There are some parodies on Youtube and most of them are reuploaded from NicoNico while the rest are uploaded on YouTube.
  • One of The Stepswitchers from Lockstep appears in the Shoot-'Em-Up part of this remix. This is a warning for players that Lockstep is next.
  • This is the only Remix 10 not to have it's Rhythm Test show up at some point.