Whats That
The player can obtain written articles as Gifts by earning a Perfect on certain rhythm games. They can be read at the Cafe in the "Read Something" corner.

The articles "Greetings" and "The Secret of Flicking" are already in the "Read Something" corner once the player accesses it for the first time.


Thank you for buying Rhythm Heaven! It might take some doing, but we hope you get a change to enjoy each of the rhythm games we've made for you!

Oh, if you're reading this, that means you've played the game! Never mind us then! Keep playing, and have a great time!

The Secret of Flicking

Are you getting the hand of flicking the stylus? It takes a little oomph, doesn't it? If you're still having trouble, let me show you a little secret.

You know how when you write a checkmark, you end up with that tail that goes up sharply? Try making your flick just like you're writing the tail of a checkmark. Just get ready for a burst of energy, and flick like you really mean it. The real trick is learning how to snap your wrist properly.

Keep practicing that flick until it's as natural to you as snapping your fingers!

Help Wanted

Obtained by getting a perfect on Crop Stomp.

Our farm needs workers to help us bring in the harvest and get rid of our mole problem.

We don't discriminate by gender. (But you must have rhythm.)

We don't discriminate by age. (But you must be able to catch.)

You can take off any days you want. (Just give us some notice.)

We'll pay you whatever you want. (Just don't ask for too much.)

Come join in the harvest fun! We can't wait to hear from you!

Contact info: Stomp and Chomp Agriculture Co. Human Resources Dept.

What's a Güiro?

Obtained by getting a perfect on Love Lizards.

Güiro Lizards

The Güiro lizard and his güíro cutie live in the desert. The male is smaller than the female, but his tail is huge. He can shake it to it sound like a maraca.

The female's tail is very hard, and she can use it to rub the ridges on her back to make a rattling sound. You can often see her performing this mating call around Carnival. When the mating calls of the male and female overlap perfectly, the two form a beautiful rhythmic bond.

When it's festival time, this good-natured reptile likes to heat up its cold blood with loud music and crazy dancing.

Robot Manual

Obtained by getting a perfect on Fillbots.

Fueling Robots

These robots are delicate, precise machines. They also have a very advanced artificial intelligence. By the time they reach the fueling zone at the end of the assembly line, the robots are already conscious and aware of the other robots around them.

These sensitive robots might be offended if they notice another robot receiving more fuel than they do. They are sort of delicate that way. Also, they tend to explode when given too much fuel. They are sort of delicate that way, too.

However, if you give them just the right amount of fuel, they'll take off into the skies, the happiest robots you've ever seen. I don't know why they do this. They must be very advanced indeed!

DJ School Flier

Obtained by getting a perfect on DJ School.

Now Recruiting Wannabe DJs!

Our DJ school is looking for people who want to look like a real DJ! Our friendly, courteous and strangely yellow instructor will show you the moves!

Learn how to fake breathtaking breaks, and pretend to pull off supertight pitch shifting! If you want to look like you're a DJ, enroll today!


People interested in becoming real DJs need not apply. Our facilities can handle only people who want to LOOK like DJs.

Blue Bird Diary

Obtained by getting a perfect on Blue Birds.

Blue Bird Diary

Please read this. It makes all the scenes during the game make sense...

April 16

It's finally happened! All my dreams have come true! I've joined the Blue Bird Brigade! First up: basic training! We need to get in shape fast. Our captain is small but ever so demanding. Wish me luck!

April 20

They call it basic training, but there's nothing basic about it! We had to tug a tank while the captain rode on it, yelling at us the whole way! Boy. It sure was heavy.

May 2

Still more basic training. Pedal-powered airplanes are a bad idea. Why can't we just fly using our own wings?

May 10

Parachute training today. I have wings! Why do I need a parachute? Why won't the captain let me fly with my own two wings?

May 14

We were just sort of wandering around today because we were so tired. All of a sudden, we fell off a cliff! (It was an accident!) I think we'd all forgotten that we even had wings, because we climbed our way back up. Still, the sunset made it all worthwhile.

May 24

Tomorrow, we will finally learn where we are being assigned to. Who knows where we'll be posted? Our leader keeps saying "somewhere fun," but coming from him, that scares me more. Ahh, it's too scary! Eep.

Crew's Log

Obtained by getting a perfect on Shoot-'Em-Up 2.

I command the battleship tasked with protecting our home planet from the scourge of alien invaders. It is my duty. It is my life.

We fight an enemy fueled not only by aggression but also by unstoppable rhythm! Keep the beat in such tense conditions for so long can change you, make you forget who you are. And losing sight of who you are is a frightening thing.

But when I hear a certain voice, I remember who I am again. I remember why I do this. My dear friend on the com-link gives me instructions, but also gives me encouragement when the battle is heated. I may be far from home, but she sounds like she's sitting right beside me.

My duty is my life. I will fight and fight until I can go home. But when I do, I'll see her again.

Assembly Line Slogans

Obtained by getting a perfect on Built to Scale 2.

Slogan for April: Rhythm and precision make for happy widgets.

Slogan for May: The beat of the song is the heartbeat of the factory.

Slogan for June: Work faster: work with rhythm!

Slogan for July: Sleepy on the factory floor? A little beat will keep you up!

Slogan for August: A safe worker is a rhythmic worker.

Slogan for September: Report workers without rhythm!

Slogan for October: If you're not with the beat, you're against it!

Slogan for November: Fall in step! Get with the rhythm!

Slogan for December: I stayed on the rhythm and production suffered. Why?

Slogan for January: What's wrong with keeping the rhythm?

Slogan for February: It turns out staying with the rhythm doesn't matter much.

Slogan for March: Turns out you get paid the same whether you're on the beat or not.

Eyewitness Accounts

Obtained by getting a perfect on Munchy Monk 2.

We've just scored some juicy info on the hot new mystery monster! Dumpling Man!

Listen to these eyewitness reports!

Bear: "OK, so, yeah. I was all hungry for dinner, right?"

"And I saw this guy, and I was all, 'yeah, he'll do!' I started to sneak up on him when he went and chowed down on, like, a dozen dumplings all at once. It kinda made me sick to watch, so I just kinda left him alone, you know?"

Carny Barker: "Come one, come all, and listen to my tale of wonder! For this 'Dumpling Man,' as you call him, once worked within these very tents as a clown! 'Til I canned the rat for eating on the job, anyway."

Circus Ringmaster: "I couldn't believe my luck! A former clown, just wandering the hills looking for dumplings! He said he was training, but I didn't ask what for."

"The way he ate them was magical. I hired him at once for my circus, but life on the glittering stage held no appeal for him. He vanished soon after.

More news as it happens!

A Confession

Obtained by getting a perfect on Freeze Frame.

My boyfriend's funny. It's like he was born with a camera glued to his nose or something.

So when he got into race cars, I said, "Why don't you take some photos for the local paper?"

No surprise here... but now? He's obsessed with work! He spends all his time at the racetrack! I thought I had a career in modeling. He never even points that camera at me anymore. I'm just a little lonely.

Anyway, I decided to pull a little prank on him. I went to the race-track where he works. I dressed up as one of the pit crew! I was covered in grease! It was disgusting, but that's beside the point...

So there he was, snapping pictures of his precious race cars, when I leapt in front of the camera! And at that exact moment? I heard the shutter snap! He actually took a picture of me!

I can't wait to see the look on his face when he develops that photo! I wish I looked a little more presentable, but whatchagonnado?

An Essay On Keepsy-Upsy

Obtained by getting a perfect on Space Soccer 2.

I am a space kicker. My job, strange as it may seem, is to keep my ball aloft as I float through space. I thought it was weird when they launched me into space, but I've gotten used to the idea now.

My teammates are great, too. It makes me proud to have been born a space kicker...

Thanks, Mom!

Rally Certificate

Obtained by getting a perfect on Rhythm Rally 2.

You have preformed outstandingly at the Rhythm Rally Table Tennis Tourney, so we would like to present to you this certificate of achivement.

What? You want to know if you won? Oh, we don't know. See, winning and losing don't matter when you're having such a delightfully rhythmical rally. And here's your certificate!

Space Gramps

Chairman of the Rhythm League

Catch You On The Flip Side

Obtained by getting a perfect on Lockstep 2.

Since it pops up quite a bit in this game, we should tell you about the "flip side" of the music world.

When you listen to a song, you might find yourself tapping along to the beat by tapping your fingers. Picture it now. "Tap, tap, tap, tap."

Let's say you start paying attention to the part of the beat where you lift your fingers. If your finger is tapping out of the main rhythm, then when you lift your finger, that's when you're hitting the flip side of the rhythm. That's the offbeat.

Some people train themselves to follow a beat by always tapping to the offbeat. It can be hard to learn, but it has its rewards.

The rhythm game Lockstep gives you that same kind of training. Once you master the switch to the offbeat, you'll find your whole sense of rhythm has improved!

Give it a shot.

Guitar Monthly

Obtained by getting a perfect on Rockers 2.

This month's special edition:

Don't call it a comeback!

Remember JJ Rocker, the man once known as the "king of headbanging?" Well, he's teamed up with a student of his to create a rocking guitar duo!

Rocker's furious headbanging has already made him a rock legend, but it also resulted in a headbanging injury that took him out of the touring circuit for years. Now, he's back, and with his student at his side, we'll see if Rocker still knows how to throw the rock down!

Lab Journal

Obtained by getting a perfect on Love Lab.

October 1

I'm so glad I landed this job at the lab! I had no idea when I graduated that I'd be working on such important stuff!

October 2

My first day was totally uneventful, except for one bright and shining spot: My senior lab partner! And he's totally my type. I can't believe it! This place is great!

October 3

I was so busy swooning at my senior lab partner that I didn't even notice that guy (or girl?) next to me. He (or she?) was wearing this weird costume. It wasn't creepy, it was just... weird.

October 7

That weird guy in the costume (turns out it WAS a guy!) asked me if I could help him with an experiment tomorrow. I can't really say no, but I'm a little worried. I think the costume freaks me out a bit.

October 8

You'll never guess what happened! I went down to a special lab with the weird costume guy, and there he was! My senior lab partner! I still don't know what we're working on, but with him there, I know it will be alright!

I'll be busy with this experiment for a little while, so this might be my last journal entry for a bit.

PS- At least I get to spend all day talking to my senior lab partner! La lala lala!

Cheering Tips

Obtained by getting a perfect on Drummer Duel.

Lesson 1

To play the DON DON DON DON part, you must be strong of heart! Every beat requires your full commitment!

Lesson 2

To play the DON DOKO DOKO DON part, you must be strong and free! Keep control, and put a sharp snap to those sticks!

Lesson 3

The DOKO DOKO DON part is a trap laid for anyone who isn't committed to taiko. You must focus to the very end if you have any hopes of victory!

Leader's Notes

Obtained by getting a perfect on Glee Club 2.

I used to be in a group called the Clappy Trio. We would clap along with the popular music of the day, mostly on street corners, mostly for spare change. But all of that changed one day...

I saw another group nearby, a chorus that just couldn't get their act together. Oh, the first two were great, but the third member was so nervous that he couldn't stop singing out of turn. And what I felt when I heard them... I just can't describe.

I decided to leave the Clappy Trio and take the chorus under my wing. They call me their conductor, but I'm just here to help them along. They're the stars, and I try to stay out of their way.

I hope that when you see them, you'll think about how far they've come, and you'll cheer on these brave, talented singers for me!

Sync Or Swim Weekly

Obtained by getting a perfect on Splashdown 2.

Special Edition

Synchronized swimming has a new set of stars!

At last week's tournament, a band of fresh-faced swimmers demonstrated an impressive performance... with animals!

As if it weren't challenging enough to coordinate an all-human team, they've chosen to include a band of highly trained sea mammals in their performance, and let me tell you, they blew our flippers off!

These masters of the aquatic form must have spent a great deal of time training their friends from the briny blue, and it shows!

.We expect great things from them.

Concert Poster

Obtained by getting a perfect on Big Rock Finish.

Tiny Ghosts live!

The Tiny Ghosts are confirmed for a live show here in town! They don't have much time, but they've promised to play all 8 of their songs! Don't miss this rare opportunity!

Time: A late night sometime soon

Place: On a tabletop somewhere

Tickets are $35 beforehand, or $35 day of show

Everyone! Come on out!

Moai Language Lesson

Obtained by getting a perfect on Moai Doo-Wop.

The language that we have dubbed "Moai Song" has the following characteristics:

Moai repeat a phrase verbatim to signal agreement. Even a slight shift in the phrase expresses disagreement with the original singer. This has resulted in the ending of many moai friendships.

In order to maintain a good relationship, moai strive to listen to what their partners have to say. They may look relaxed, but they are actually intently focusing on listening before replying.

We could all learn a great deal from how much attention they pay to what their friends have to say.

Life Of A Dog Ninja

Obtained by getting a perfect on Dog Ninja.

Few dogs choose the way of the ninja, but for those who do, we do so because we must.

Sadly, there's not that much call for ninjas these days, so I've taken a part-time job cutting veggies. It's good work, I guess.

Vegetables, cast-iron skillets, tires (whitewall or standard)... I'll cut anything! I need the money to buy shuriken.

Character Profiles 1

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 2.

Robot Models
This is the standard model, and the best selling to boot.
This luxury model consumes a tremendous amount of fuel.
This tiny robot (also known as a "tinybot") began manufacture at the second factory. Small and cute, this robot was designed for the kiddies.
These strange beings live on a diet of table tennis. If they stop playing, they grow weak and sickly. Some have successfully weaned themselves off table tennis by substituting paddle ball.
Only two moai appear in this game, and they are the only two of their kind living on their island. (However, there are rumors of a tiny bundle of moai joy coming sometime in the near future!)

Character Profiles 2

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 8.

Clodhopper Pickens
This cheery fellow loves his work. He hits the fields and harvests vegetables every day, and he's pretty handy at dealing with moles. He truly is multitalented. And he's single, ladies!
Training Monk
This serious-minded lad seems to think he is training himself to walk the path of true enlightenment, but he really just seems to be training for an eating contest.
DJ Yellow
His students love his enthusiasm and his sense of humor, and his special move is famous throughout the world. Scratch-o, hey!
Tiny Ghosts
A live band made up of ghosts? It sounds confusing at first, but they put on quite a show. They do tend to rush through their songs a bit, though.
These strange souls are obsessed with seeing both sides of every debate and hearing every side of every beat. They're amazing at keeping the tempo!

Supporting Cast 1

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 4.

Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady
This little lady has the crucial job of sending out orders and rallying the spirits of our proud space defenders! She's pretty dedicated to the job, so she doesn't have much of a social life.
Moai Bird
This bird belongs to the perchandpoop family of finches, which has a curious reaction to music. Their sensitive ears detect irregularities in music that result in other kinds of irregularities in the birds themselves.
Racing Fans
You've seen them before, but you had no idea they were such big fans of car racing, did you? The chorus conductor, hey, even the table-tennis guys... Who knew?

Supporting Cast 2

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 9.

Hidden Characters
Keep an eye peeled during The Dazzles. You might just catch a surprise appearance from a special little guy.
Rally Girls
These lovely ladies really brighten up the Taiko Rallies. The drummer guys get really worked up about their performance when they see these cuties do their thing.
Mysterious Lab Tech
Down at the Love Lab, there's one lab tech who always dresses up in a costume. He (or she?) may look shady, but there's no need to worry. It's all on the up-and-up.

Lyrics Card 1

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 1.

Thrilling! Is This Love?
Arrangement: Koichi Yuwasa
(This song appears in Fan Club.)
Hey now, here is my song.
For you, yeah, that's right.
I wish that I was yours,
But I'm too shy, I suppose.
If only I could just conjure a spell.
Kapow! Hocus, hocus hocus!
Then you and I would be
Together for all time, I suppose.
Is it love that makes my heart go
Boom, boom, boom?
Yeah, I suppose!
Love you, love you, love you!
More than yesterday...
I suppose!
Hey now, sing it to me!
That's right, I'm talking to you!
I hope that this message finds you
Feeling ever so wonderful!
I just can't hold it back anymore!
Yeah! Love you, love you, love you!
If only we could stay just like this.
You are so wonderful!
I never felt like this, my heart going
Boom, boom, boom!
It's wonderful!
Love you, love you, love you!
Even more than before!

Lyrics Card 2

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 3.

Love Ooh Ooh Paradise
Arrangement by Takahashi Yuichi
(This song appears in The Dazzles!)
You told me dreams come true.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! (x2)
We'll find out, baby, tonight
If I get close to you.
This may seem silly to you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! (x2)
Still I sing my heart out to you,
Sincerely, darling.
When we talk, I go
Oh, oh, oh, oh no!
It's so embarrassing!
Still, my heart goes
La la la-di-da,
Singing for you.
My love for you is
(Boom, boom!) sheer paradise!
My love shines brightly
(Bang, bang!) down on me
And down on you.
I love you with all my heart.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! (x2)
If I can see you tonight,
My dreams might come true.

Lyrics Card 3

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 5.

Young Love Rock 'n' Roll
Song: Tsunku
Arranged by Yuichi Takahashi
(This song appears in Frog Hop.)
I fell for you, baby,
Because you're just so pretty.
That's why I'm dancing.
It's a very happy day!
I feel good all the time.
Thank you, baby! Yeah! Yeah!
Pretty little lady!
You should see her get down. Ooh!
Dancing with her fella!
He knows how to make her spin.
I feel hood all the time.
Thank you, baby! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
Kids these days,
They just worry too much.
(Don't you know that
That is just so square?)
Don't give up, my sweet little girl!
Just don't you look behind you now!
Just keep on dancin' all night! Hey!
Come on, let's dance!
You know it's only rock and roll!
Boys and girls, let's see you
Really shake it up now! Hey!
Come on, let's sing!
You know it's only rock and roll!
Can't get enough young love
Rock and roll!
Come on, let's dance!
You know it's only rock and roll!
Boys and girls, let's see you
Really shake it up now! Hey! Hey!
Come on, let's sing!
You know it's only rock and roll!
Can't get enough young love
Rock and roll!

Lyrics Card 4

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 6.

Struck by the Rain
Arranged by Kaori Okubo
(This song appears in Karate Man.)
Love has a cruel sense of fun.
It never plays by the rules.
It spins us both on our heads,
Turns us both into fools.
It leaves me on my own
With tearstained eyes,
Oh, what can I do?
They say that losing at love,
Breaking your heart,
It only makes you look
Even more beautiful.
I don't believe it's true,
But I see you and what can I do?
I wish that we could be close.
Close enough to use
Our real names for once,
And you would say to me,
"Oh, I love you so!"
You'll say you won't let me go.
Rain falls on me,
And now I'm walking away.
Tell me, do you find me
More beautiful now?
I'm not the kind to let
You watch as I cry,
So I've got to leave....
I've got to forget you.
And so I'll hide
Myself away from the world,
Leave behind the sorrow
Of a sad little girl.
I thought that I had finally
Won at the game.
You told me it just was for fun.
I suppose that I was too young.

Lyrics Card 5

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 7.

That's Paradise
Arrangement by Yuichi Takahashi
(This is the ending theme song!)
It's paradise since the first time
I saw you standing there,
But it seems so long ago now, yeah.
It's paradise, but no map can
Show us how to get there.
Come on, oh, baby, planet of love.
We made our way out of the long,
Long darkness, and we've
Made it this far.
Such a long road, so let's go!
Shining all the way,
Oh, we're on our own path now.
We can take it anywhere
That we want to go, ooh hoo!
Sweet song of love,
Oh, can you hear it, too?
I am always looking at you,
My sweet girl.
And I see you right there,
Smiling back at me too! Woo!

The Rhythm League

Obtained by getting a perfect on Remix 10.

Congratulations on getting a perfect on Remix 10! So, how many more perfects do you have left to get, anyway?

It doesn't matter. We wanted to congradulate you and give you a little closure.

You've really stomped your way through a lot of rhythm games! I'm sure it was a long, hard road, but you did it! Way to go! As long as you've learned how fun rhythm can be, we're happy. Thanks for sticking it out to the bitter end! We couldn't be more proud of you.

Thanks for playing!

Rhythm League advisor

Captain Blue Bird


  • When reading an article, if the player waits for a moment, the sounds of snoring can be heard in the background.
  • In 'Crew's Log,' the "Voice" is the Shoot 'Em Up Radio Lady, but it's unknown who is telling the story.
  • The Clappy Trio is a game in Rhythm Tengoku.
  • In 'Supporting Cast 1,' it mentions the conductor and Paddlers as fans of racing, however, the characters shown are actually The Clappy Trio and the Space Dancers, who appear alongside other characters from Rhythm Tengoku in the minigame Freeze Frame.
  • The games that do not unlock reading materials upon getting perfect scores unlock soundtracks instead.
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