もう メロメロ!
ConsoleGBA Icon Rhythm Tengoku
Rap Women
The Rap Men have
rivals! Their cute
voices will make
you melt!
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もう メロメロ!
ConsoleArcade Icon Rhythm Tengoku
Rap Women
The Rap Men have rivals!
Their cute voices will
make you melt!
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Rap Women
ラップウィメン Rappu Uimen
BPM 90
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku
Game Number 34
Perfect Reward Lyrics: WISH

Rap Women (ラップウィメン Rappu Uimen?) is the 34th game in Rhythm Tengoku and is the sequel to Rap Men. This sequel features the Rap Women, the rivals of the RAPMEN, who rap about snacks and other stuff. Are you woman enough to handle their cute voices?


Rapwomen gameplay

The gameplay is the same its prequel. You play as the blue-haired rapper on the right side of the screen. There are three main cues to press the A button. Pressing the A button makes the blue-haired one go "Un!". The three cues are the ですか? (Desu ka? Isn't it??) where you must press A once, かもネ (Ka mo NE could be?) where you must press A twice and サイコー! (Saikō! The BEST!?) where you must press A twice again but faster.


  • A: Rap to music

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The blue-haired rapper will shout "Un!" perfectly while gesturing and creating a cloud of smoke.
  • Barely: The blue-haired rapper will just shout "Un!" if A is pressed too early. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The blue-haired rapper will be upset and turn blue if you miss the cue.


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アノコらのコメント (Comments from the Girls)
GradingNG GBA
「ですか?」の ノリが あかん。(The “desuka?” rhythm was no good.)
「かもネ」の ノリが キビシーッス。(The “kamoNE” rhythm is bad.)
「サイコー!」の ノリが サイコーちゃう。(The “Saikō!” rhythm wasn't the best.)
GradingOK GBA
まぁまぁ、 かな。(Well, I wonder.)
とりあえず...(For now...)
よしと します。(All right.)
GradingHI GBA
「ですか?」の ノリが バッチリや!(The “desuka?” rhythm is groovy!)
「かもネ」の ノリに シビれたで!(The “kamoNE” rhythm is astonishing!)
「サイコー!」の ノリが サイコーやん!(The “Saikō!” rhythm was the best!)




  • This is one of the few games to require player input before the music starts. Others including Coin Toss, DJ School, Clap Trap, Remix 5 (Wii), and Figure Fighter 3.
  • There is a unused version of Rap Women which can be accessed through the debug menu of Rhythm Tengoku. The used version is given as Rap Women (by YONE) (ラップ ウィメン(by YONE) Rap Women (by YONE)?) while the unused version is Rap Women (by KAZU) (ラップ ウィメン(by KAZU) Rap Women (by KAZU)?).[1] This version contains many more offbeats.
  • For a split second while the blue rapper says "Un!", her hands turn yellow.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseラップウィメン
Rappu Uimen
Rap Women


  1. Video of "Rap Women (by KAZU)"

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