Rap Machine

The Rap Machine (ライプ マシーン Raipu? Mashin, Rap Machine) is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Tengoku, unlocked after getting 25 Medals.


The Rap Machine looks like a flat radio with orange buttons and dials. There are six blue buttons in the shape of the Gameboy Advance's button setup with a black background. The Rap Men appear to be standing on a blue and black platform. The Rap Men make different poses as you press different buttons.


The Rap Machine allows you to play with the various quotes of the Rap Men. It allows you to follow what they do in the game, or do whatever you want. The D-Pad is used to play the Red Rapper's quotes and starting up the music, and the A and B buttons are used to play the Yellow Rapper's "Un" or "Uun!" sounds.

The music you are able to play includes two songs: the normal Rap Men theme and an unnamed circus-like track. This track sounds similar to the likes of Super Mario Bros 2, released in 1988.


Pressing the D-Pad or A-B buttons plays a different quote or sound from Rap Men.


Plays a "Desu ka? (Isn't it?)" line.

"Yo, okaeri masu ka?" - "Yo, are you back?" (Practice Only)

"Yo, oyatsu desu ka?" - "It's time for a snack, isn't it?"

"Yo, sanji desu ka?" - "It's already 3:00 PM isn't it?"

"Honto desu ka?" - "It's all good, isn't it?"


Plays a "Kamone? (Could it be?)" line.

"Tanoshii, kamone?" - "It's cool, could it be?" (Practice Only)

"Oishii, kamone?" - "Something sweet it could be?"

"Herushii kamone?" - "Something salty it could be?"

"Orenosei kamone" - "Some sugar candies it could be?"

"Soremosou kamone?" - "A bag of chips it could be?"


Plays a "Saiko!! (the BEST!!)" line.

"Oyatsu wa saiko!!" - "That's why snacks are the BEST!!"

"Kibun wa saiko!!" - " They make you feel the BEST!!"

"Orette saiko!!" - "I am the BEST!!"

"Kimitte saiko!!" - "You are the BEST!!"

"Oyatsu ga naiyo!!" - "Hey, who swiped the rest?"

"Oreshira naiyo!!" - "Lack of snacks makes me depressed!"


Begins playing a previously mentioned song.


Makes the Yellow Rapper say "Un."


Makes the Yellow Rapper say "Uhn!"


Begins playing a demo that automatically uses quotes and "Un" sound effects to the Rhythm of either song.



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