ポリン Porin
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Female
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku

Porin jumps on a trampoline with Toran in the minigame Toran & Porin in Rhythm Tengoku.

Physical Appearance

Porin is a girl with a few different appearances. In her practice outfit, she wears a pink skirt, white shoes with an orange stripe, and a white shirt with a pink 'P' on it and a pink collar. She has pink cheeks and two pigtails in her also pink hair.

In her performance outfit, she has a pink skirt and shirt. She wears white earrings and pink shoes. Her hair and cheeks remain similar to her practice outfit.

As a fox, Porin has pink fur. Her belly and front paws are white and her nose is gray.


Upon perfecting Toran & Porin, you get Marcher's Diary, meaning the perfect reward can't be used to determine her backstory. What is known is that she is one of two members of the Flying Foxes, the other being Toran. Together, they jump on trampolines in front of an audience.


Porin and her partner teach the player about quickly alternating between the A button and D-pad.




Tram & Pauline (Title GBA)
  • The title card for the GBA version of Toran & Porin has a miscolored version of Pauline, where her clothes are orange instead of pink. This was fixed in the arcade version of Rhythm Tengoku.
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