Phone (電話 denwa) is an unlockable rhythm toy in Rhythm Heaven. This toy requires four medals to play.


The phone's number pad takes up the touch screen. The pick up and put down buttons are green and red respectively, placed at the bottom of the screen. The number pad is different in all reigons where the game was released, as shown by the pictures at the bottom of this article.

The phone itself is white. The phone holder's hand is completely white. At the top right corner of the phone, there's a small, orange rectangle. The number pad lays just to the right of where the phone is put down.


The toy is a telephone which plays touch-tone sounds with rising pitch when numbers are pressed, with 1 having the lowest pitch and 9 having the highest, except 5, which make a low-pitched beep when pressed.


  • Press Green Phone Icon = Pick up receiver and enable number pad
  • Press Red Phone Icon = Hang up receiver and disable number pad
  • Press Number = Play that number's tone


  • Entering the number from Business Card, (555) EAT-BEET (or 831♪831♪831♪ in the Japanese version), will have the farmer from Crop Stomp pick up the line.
  • Entering the number from Samurai Slice (DS), 555-SAMURAI (or 246936♪1 in the Japanese version), will play the sounds of the Wandering Samurai from Rhythm Tengoku.
  • Entering the number from the Battle of the Bands menu screen, 555-ROCK-OUT (or 44♪82831♪ in the Japanese version), will play the music from Rap Men from Rhythm Tengoku. The Japanese version will play clips from the original game, but the international versions translated the Japanese (it changed 「たのしい!」 (tanoshi!) to 'Havin' Fun!').
  • Entering the number from Tunnel, (555) PECK-YES (or 221♪98 in the Japanese version), will play random sounds of the Blue Birds alongside a snare drum.


Each region's version of the Nintendo DS Rhythm Heaven has a different symbol on the 5 key. The North American version has an inverted eighth note with a 5 imposed on the note head, the Japanese and Korean version has an eight note (), and the European version just has the number 5.

Japanese North American European Korean
PhonePadJ PhonePadU PhonePadE PhonePadK


In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese 電話 Phone
FR French Téléphone
ES Spanish Teléfono
D German Telefon
IT Italian Telefono
KR Korean 전화 Telephone
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