Getting a perfect on any Rhythm Heaven mini game gives a gold seal around it with the letters "perfect" as proof of completing it, along with another gift such as a soundtrack from the game to listen to or notes to read in the Cafe. To get a perfect on any mini game in the Rhythm Heaven series, the player must first superb that specific game and only then they can go for a perfect. Once superbed, the chance for a perfect will still not be triggered right away but will be triggered randomly during gameplay between mini games. If the player has gotten all superbs, there will always be a chance for a perfect. The Barista can also tell you when a specific game is coming up for the chance of getting a perfect for further preparation.

To get perfect, the player must hit every beat, and make no wild presses (regardless of whether or not it triggers a penalty). Barely hitting a beat may break perfect depending on the game being played.

The player has three chances to go for a perfect. If a player makes just one mistake on the game, they will have to try again from the beginning. One chance will also count if the player chooses to pause and press quit or if the player chooses a different game than the one open for a perfect.


An example of a gift you would receive when you perfect a game