ペンギン Penguin
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Unknown/Multiple
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku

The Penguins are performers who work with a Monkey in the minigame Showtime from Rhythm Tengoku.

Physical Appearance

The first penguin is a short, gray penguin with a yellow beak. It has pink cheeks, black eyes, and a short tail.

The second penguin, looks identical to the previous one, except that it’s white instead of gray. They have the same pink cheeks, black eyes, short tail, and yellow beak. It’s the fastest of the bunch.

The third and final penguin is much bigger than the other penguins. It has bigger eyes, a bigger beak, and a black body. Their belly is yellow and they have a slightly longer tail. Unlike the white penguin, this one is the slowest of the penguins.


The game Showtime takes place at the penguin's opening night, and their tickets are completely sold out. The practice before the game is their last rehearsal before the big show.

According to the official website for Rhythm Tengoku, the penguins had a conflict with each other. One of them wanted to go to the bathroom at night, but they were interrupted by the monkey in training.

It can be implied that the white penguin is the fan favorite, as whenever it grabs the ball, the audience applauds immensely.


The penguins help the player learn about swing beats, especially the white one, and tests their patience.

Grey penguins wait for three beats before grabbing the ball.

Black penguins wait for five beats before grabbing the ball.

Finally, the white penguins wait for three beats before grabbing the ball, although they have a very swing-like rhythm.




  • The sounds the penguins make are pitched up versions of the Sneaky Spirit's sounds.
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