Octopus Machine

Octopus Machine(たこマシーン tako mashiin is a rhythm toy in Rhythm Heaven. It requires 11 medals to unlock. In this game, there are 3 octopi lined up in a row. You control the 3rd one, so just copy what the others do.


Three pink octopi sit in front of a yellow background. You are the one at the bottom. The octopi have long mouths with corks in them that they can shoot at will. They have white eyes with black pupils, and appear red when inflated.


  • Tap/Hold: Inflate octopus
  • Release: Go back to normal
  • Flick: Pop the cork out of your mouth


This is the order of patterns:

1. Hold hold hold, release release release

2. Hold hold hold, flick flick flick

3. Hold flick, hold flick, hold flick

4. Tap tap flick, tap tap flick, tap tap flick

5. Tap release hold, tap release hold, tap release hold, flick flick flick

6. (slight delay) Hold hold hold, flick flick flick

7. Tap flick tap flick tap flick, hold hold hold, flick flick flick

(Speed up and repeat)

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The octopi will all be happy and the game will say "Good!"
  • Miss: The octopi will all be very sad and the game will say "Wrong! Try again."



  • This is the only rhythm toy in Rhythm Heaven that is set up like an actual game.
  • The game gets increasingly faster after you get past all 7 patterns. It eventually becomes nearly impossible to keep up.
  • The max tempo for this game is approximately 420 BPM, as shown in this video here.
  • While it is called "Octopus Machine," the game refers to the characters as the "Octo-Pops."
  • The Octo-Pops appear in the OK screen of Remix 9 (Wii).

In Other Languages

Language Name
JP Japanese たこマシーン Octopus Machine
FR French Pieuvres bouchées
ES Spanish Pulpicorchos
D German
IT Italian
KR Korean 코르크 문어 Corktopus
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