OK (Mid-level) is a performance rating in the Rhythm Heaven series, depicting that the player did an average job clearing the game. This rank is required to pass a stage.

This rank is provided as an in-between for the "Try Again" and "Superb" rating. This rank is normally recieved during ordinary play, or after the player has practiced a bit.

This rank is considered a silver medal, but it doesn't count towards unlockable features like Endless Games or Rhythm Toys.

The OK rank has a subsidiary called "Just OK," which is midway between "OK" and "Superb." The player recieves a Just OK rank when they have fulfilled one or two Superb requirements, but not all three. This rank counts as an OK for all purposes.

In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, you can get this rating by getting a score between 60 and 79. Getting it gives you two coins.

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