"Choose one!"
— Note - Rhythm Heaven

おんぷちゃん Onpu-chan
Note DS 2
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven,

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Note is a character that appears mostly in Rhythm Heaven, but also makes a few cameo appearances in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Physical Appearance

Note is a white blob with pink cheeks and a smile. Note has a curly tail and a flag on top of his body.


Because you are unable to talk to Note and he doesn't say much to you, nothing is known about Note's story. He does, however, serve a large purpose in the game.


Upon launching Rhythm Heaven, Note tells the player how to create a save file. Three different Notes can also appear in the thing you have to flick in order to open the save file menu. Note appears in the icon for Battle of the Bands, as well as the beginners and pros enroll button.

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, Note also makes cameo appearences in Rhythm Heaven Fever. including appearing in the Police Call rhythm toy and in the Cafe.


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