"Hiya. I'm what you call a Muscle Doll."
— Muscle Doll - Rhythm Heaven Fever

Muscle Doll
マッスル人形 Masuru Ningyo
Muscle Doll 2
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Muscle Doll (Japanese: マッスル人形 Masuru Ningyo/Muscle Doll and European: Figure Fighter) appears in Figure Fighter in Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

Physical Appearance

Muscle Doll is primarily gray doll with red boxing gloves, red shoes, and blue eyes. He wears a black set of headphones. He is very weak until you press the A button to give him more muscles. He becomes a lot more muscular and powerful upon doing this.


As mentioned previously, the Muscle Doll is very weak until the A button is pressed to give him muscles. In the Practice for Figure Fighter, the Muscle Doll tells the player that they must press the A button at just the right moment so he can properly punch the punching bag.

Parental Controls, the letter received upon perfecting Figure Fighter in Rhythm Heaven Fever, tells a story about a boy trying to convince his parents to buy him a Muscle Doll. The mother denies him, telling him that it's cheap and it will break quickly. The boy sighs after being rejected a Muscle Doll because his parents think that he'll break the expensive toy.

The rhythm items for Megamix's Figure Fighter games presumably talk about the same boy. In Figure Fighter, he gets a knock-off muscle doll called a Mussell Doll, which clings to a rock when the button is pressed. In Figure Fighter 2, the boy finally gets his Muscle Doll and begins playing with it, when his mom suddenly takes the box away. Figure Fighter 3's rhythm item is a boxed Muscle Doll that belongs to the boy's brother. The boy has no idea why someone would want to buy something only to keep it in the box.


The Muscle Doll requires the player to quickly react to four different cues: normal jabs, slow and fast double punches, and quick triple punches.



In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French La figurine
ES Spanish El musculitos
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