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Mr. Upbeat
ウラおとこ ura Otoko
Mr upbeat
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku,
Rhythm Heaven Fever

Mr. Upbeat is a character that appears in the endless game of the same name, Mr. Upbeat.

Physical Appearances

Mr. Upbeat is a completely black man. He has square, white eyes and a big, green, circular light on his head. His mouth is a rectangle, and is also white.


Strangely, the perfect reward for Rhythm Heaven Fever's Karate Man 2, A Musical Term, actually has nothing to do with Karate Joe. It talks about Mr. Upbeat; a therapy session he has with a monkey. Mr. Upbeat is annoyed by people assuming he's upbeat and happy just because it's his name. The name Upbeat is actually on his birth certificate, and it's not a nickname. Mr. Upbeat continues saying that words can mean more than one thing, and not to go with your first definition of a word. Mr. Upbeat reveals to the reader that he comes back to the same therapy room every week to gripe about the same problem. He asks the therapist if they have the same problem, to which the therapist replies, "Oookii oook-ook!" Mr. Upbeat decides to leave, ending it on, "See you next Tuesday for another session of 'Mr. Upbeat's Complaints."


Mr. Upbeat's game, Mr. Upbeat, emphasizes the offbeat and teaches players how to accurately keep one.



  • Mr. Upbeat appears in the American / European versions of Rhythm Heaven Fever, but it does not appear in the Japanese version. It was added in by the localization team as a substitute for Manzai, which was deemed too difficult to localize as a game based mostly on Japanese culture.
  • In Rhythm Heaven Fever, once the player reaches 130 points (and every so often after that), Mr. Upbeat's light will grow over the next few steps, display a series of letters, and then go back to normal. The letters that pop up spell MATCH, which can be inserted into the Police Call Rhythm Toy.
  • Mr. Upbeat resembles Mr. Game & Watch.
  • Coincidentally, one of the messages shown is “I wish to be in a Game And Watch installment”


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