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Mochi Pounding

Rhythm Heaven Fever

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Mochi Pounding (押忍!15もち: Yes! 15 mochies) is a two-player endless game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, unlocked after receiving 2 Duo Medals.


The two people playing this game will need to alternate pressing the A button, and once the rice has been pounded enough, it becomes mochi and the next round begins, where the rice needs a bigger and faster pounding. Each round counts down from 15, however (they're slower than normal seconds), so the two of you (or just you holding two Wii Remotes) need to pick up the pace for each round. If either player presses A before the other one does, the usu will break, and the round will start over. The game ends once the mortar breaks three times in the same round. The player colors are indicated by their pants--their headbands have the other player's color.


  • A 1P/2P: Pound the mochi

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The number will go down. When the number is at 0, mochi will fly out and land in a woman's hands.
  • Barely: None for this game.
  • Miss: The mortars will break the bucket into two pieces and mochi will make an upset face. Three misses in the same round end the game.


  • Mochi is a traditional Japanese pastry made from rice. While there are easier, alternative ways of making mochi now, what is performed in the game is mochitsuki, a mochi-making ritual for New Year's Day.
  • Occasionally after obtaining a large score, Dough Dudes will appear as Kagami mochi instead of normal mochi.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japanese押忍!15もちYes sir! 15 mochies
FR FrenchCoups de marteaux
DU GermanTeigklopfer
ES SpanishMartilleadores
IT ItalianA tutto martello
KR Korean떡메 치기Mochi Pounding

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