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Manzai (まんざい (Manzai?)) is an Endless Game exclusive to the Japanese version of Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is unlocked after you obtain 32 medals.


The player controls the tsukkomi (which is a crow), and has to press A twice when the boke (who is a vulture) stops talking. Sometimes the vulture ends up thrashing its head back, in which case you have to press the A and B buttons to slap it. You get one point for every successful action, but one mistake and it's game over!


  • A: Talk
  • A+B: Slap the vulture.

Timing Notes

  • Hit: If the player times it correctly, the crowd will cheer. If the vulture is slapped, the crowd will be surprised.
  • Barely: If the player is a little late, the crowd will look at the birds with an annoyed look. A barely counts as a hit in this game.
  • Miss: If nothing is pressed, or you're off-beat, the crowd will lose interest, and the birds will fall through the floor. One miss ends the game.


All of the puns are based off of the object that they are talking about, whether it be sound or same readings of two words, such as "ame" being "rain" and "candy. " The jokes where the vulture is slapped is just a previous joke but he instead winds up. The crow speaks in the kansai (関西) dialect. Some jokes are repeated once or twice. After the last joke, he will repeat one randomly.

  • 布団が吹っ飛んだ (futon ga futtonda, The futon was blown off)
  • ミカンがみっかんない (mikan ga mikkannai, I can't find the orange)
  • お金はおっかねい (okane wa okkanei, Money is scary)
  • 雨ってあめえ (ame tte amee, Rain is sweet)
  • ラクダは楽だ (rakuda wa rakuda, Camels feel easy)
  • 梅ってうめい (ume tte umei, Plums are delicious)
  • 紅茶を凍っちゃう (koucha wo koucchau, To freeze tea)
  • カエルが振り返る (kaeru ga furikaeru, The frog turns over)
  • カレーが辛れい (karee ga karei, Curry is spicy)
  • 思いのほか重い (omoi no hoka omoi, It's heavy beyond expectation)
  • 遅れず来ておくれ (okurezu kite okure, Come in time)
  • トイレに行っといれ (toire ni ittoire, Go to the toilet)
  • 相手に逢いて (aite ni aite, Wanna see a friend)
  • イクラはいくら? (ikura wa ikura?, How much is the salted salmon roe?)
  • 草がクサイ (kusa ga kusai, Grass smells bad)
  • 廊下で語ろうか? (rouka de katarouka?, Shall we discuss in the hall?)
  • プリンがたっぷりん (purin ga tappurin, The pudding is enough)  
  • チャイナに行っちゃいな (chaina ni icchaina, Go to China)
  • スイカは安いか? (suika wa yasuika?, Is watermelon cheap?)
  • イカが怒った (ika ga ikatta, The squid got angry)
  • タイに行きたい! (tai ni ikitai!, Wanna go to Thailand!)
  • トナカイは大人かい? (tonakai wa otona kai?, Are the reindeer adults?)
  • サルが去る? (saru ga saru?, Will the monkey leave?)
  • サイを見なさい! (sai wo minasai!, Look at the rhino!)
  • 鯛が食べたい! (tai ga tabetai!, Wanna eat a sea bream!)
  • 太陽が見たいよう (taiyou ga mitaiyou, I want to see the sun)
  • メガネには目がねい (megane niwa me ga nei, Eyeglasses don't have eyes)
  • 鶏肉が取りにくい (toriniku ga torinikui, The chicken is hard to reach)
  • 魚かな?まさかな!(sakana kana? masaka na!, Is it a fish? No way!)

The Crow's Lines

  • はい! はい! (Yeah! Yeah!)
  • どないやねん! (What's wrong with you!)


  • Manzai is a Japanese comedy routine that involves two comedians. It involves a tsukkomi, or straight man (in this case the crow), who reacts to the bokke, or funny man (the vulture)'s jokes and gags, often with slapstick.
  • Many of the voices that appear in this game are recorded in-house.[1]
  • This game was apparently intended to be a Rhythm Game instead of/as well as an Endless Game. It's name can be found grouped together with other Rhythm Games in the text files; translated as "Comedians" in the North American release, "Stand Up" (English), "Duo comique" (French), "Manzai (DE)" (German), "Spettacolo comico" (Italian) and "Don Contratiempo" (Spanish) in the European release, and left blank in the Korean release. The other entry of the name is grouped with the Endless Games, and is replaced accordingly with Mr. Upbeat.
    • In addition, there is a file for prologue textures for this game (named "layout_prologue_manzai_ver0.szs", the file itself is empty), which supports this idea as in Rhythm Heaven Fever, only Rhythm Games have a prologue.
    • "Don Contratiempo" is actually the Spanish name for Mr. Upbeat.



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