"When two lizards meet in
the desert, they communicate
their feelings the only way
they know how!
— Love Lizards Description

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Love Lizards
ラブコール Rabu Coru
Love lizards
BPM 204
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Game Number 11
Perfect Reward What's a Güiro?

Love Lizards (ラブコール Rabu Coru "Love Call") is the 11th minigame in Rhythm Heaven. It's about two Güíro Lizards engaging and interacting with each other. The female lizard is trying to attract the male lizard with its rattling sound and sense of rhythm.


Love Lizard gameplay

Both Lizards begin to tap their feet to a small jingle as the male lizard shakes his tail. The female yellow lizard (character played in the game) must copy the rhythm of the male lizard's tail by rubbing her tail against her back. This will cause her to make a rattling noise.


  • Slide stylus: Rub Back

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The male lizard smiles and emits a happy squeak.
  • Barely: The male lizard still smiles, but it counts as a miss in Perfect challenge.
  • Miss: The male lizard frowns and emits a disappointed squeak.

Rating Notes


  • "The zoologist says..."

Try Again

  • "You two didn't hit it off at first."
  • "Your chemistry fell apart at the end."
  • "You made too much noise!"


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "Good work in the first half!"
  • "You two came together at the end."



Gameplay Video

Rhythm Heaven - Love Lizards (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven - Love Lizards (Perfect) (English)


  • Early Lizards
    There is an early title card for Love Lizards found in the Japanese files of Rhythm Heaven.
  • The happy squeak cry when the male güiro lizard smiles is actually a high-pitched voice of DJ Yellow from DJ School.
  • This is only one of three games in Rhythm Heaven to appear in only two remixes.
  • This title screen for Love Lizards has a different font style in the Japanese version and the hearts used in the international versions are not present. Additionally, the Güiro Lizard's mouth is white in the Japanese version and transparent in the International versions.
Japanese International
Love Lizards Japanese Love lizards

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
JP Japaneseラブコール Love Call
FR FrenchLézards ardents
DU GermanEchsentanz
ES SpanishLagartijas Amorosas
IT ItalianDuo Lucertola
KR Korean사랑의 도마뱀 Love Lizards

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