"This time the rhythm has
some bounce to it.
Experience the bounciness!

(And no practice for you!)
— Lockstep 2 Description

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Remix 8 (DS)
Lockstep 2
ウラオモテ2 Ura omote 2
Lockstep 2
BPM 135
Appearance Rhythm Heaven
Game Number 39
Perfect Reward Catch You on the Flip Side

Lockstep 2 (ウラオモテ2 Ura Omote 2?) is the 39th minigame in Rhythm Heaven. It is the sequel to Lockstep. The speed of this minigame is cut nearly by half compared to the original, and it contains bounces in rhythm. This may make it harder than the original Lockstep for some players.


Lockstep 2 gameplay

The gameplay of this game is exact the same as its prequel, but the tempo is slower and complex, which may make it harder to step in place.


  • Tap: March

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The marching continues.
  • Barely: A small 'tick' sound is heard. The player should also notice that they are out of step with the others. A barely counts as a hit.
  • Miss: The Stepswitchers on either side of the player will slap his head while doing their routine.

Rating Notes


  • "Your partners say..."

Try Again

  • "On the beat? You're a little off."
  • "Offbeat? More like just plain "off.""
  • "Sloppy work on the transitions."


  • "Hm..."
  • "I don't know..."
  • "Good enough..."
  • "I guess that was all right."


  • "You were all right on the beat."
  • "You hit the offbeats pretty well."
  • "Nice transitions between beats."




  • The colors of the Stepswitchers's half bodies in this game, like in Lockstep, were changed from the Japanese version for unknown reasons.
Japanese International
Lockstep 2 Japanese Lockstep 2 English
  • The Afros the painting men wear resemble the ones that The Clappy Trio wear.
  • The song uses a swing beat to differentiate itself from Lockstep. Despite this, the rating notes still refer to it as the "offbeat".
  • The song used sounds familiar to The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.

Gameplay Video

Rhythm Heaven - Lockstep 2 (Perfect) (English)

Rhythm Heaven - Lockstep 2 (Perfect) (English)

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ウラオモテ2 Ura Omote 2
FR French Recto verso 2
ES Spanish A Contratiempo 2
D German Offbits 2
IT Italian Sincromarcia 2
Flag of South Korea Korean 그림자스텝2 Shadowstep 2